Saturday, May 29, 2010

Treat transit personnel with respect.

Please don't engage in an argument with transit personnel, it's not a good idea. This includes bus operators, train operators, railroad engineers, etc. In most cases, it is against state law (it already is in New York State.)

My question goes: Why do you have to take out your frustrations at a transit personnel for? Is it really worth it to go take out your anger at them? I understand the many reasons why passengers can become agitated and angry, such as traffic, reroutes, etc. Don't put the blame on the transit workers because they are doing their best to help you go around the city, despite the reroutes and sometimes cancellations of services. They are there to help you. Do not act rude to them. I can see why some people don't want to be bus/train operators/conductors. Some of the public treat them like garbage. I find that disgusting and the most absurd thing that can ever happen. I know it does happen, but I find it quite unbelievable that they are under appreciated and disrespected frequently.

I have heard stories about bus operators being spit at/bitten by passengers and even passengers thrown beverage containers at them. Subway conductors and train operators have been subject to it too, for example a passenger would hide behind a column and throw a beer bottle at the conductor or train operator as the train is leaving. I mean, how low can these passengers go? I'm glad there's a rule that if you assault a train/bus operator/conductor then the person gets 7 years in prison, which is basically the same punishment as if you attacked a police officer.

The fare is there, pay it and don't argue with the bus operator. Bus operators I hear are discouraged to engage in heated conversations with passengers for not paying their fare. The sad part was this was the exact same reason Edwin Thomas of Flatbush Depot was killed because Horace Moore didn't pay his fare, asked for a transfer and when Thomas denied the request, Moore stabbed him. Despite the fact that attacking transit personnel is a felony, some people just continue to show disrespect towards those who move them. In the subways, don't jump or crawl under the turnstile. New York City Transit is losing millions of dollars per year due to fare beaters, please pay the proper fare, all the time, every time. Station Agents try their best to ensure that passengers are paying their fare on time every time, but they can't stop all fare beaters. Even heated arguments happen because of that.

I honestly think that bus operators, train operators, train conductors, and other personnel do not get enough respect, nor are they paid enough these days for the jobs they do. Let alone, they get verbally abused by passengers on a daily basis, they have to deal with unsanitary conditions, (which can make them ill), and work long hour shifts.

Transit personnel go through so much stress in one day, please don't make their jobs any more stressful. Be thankful for the services they give you 24/7. They need it and they deserve it.


  1. It's sad that we live in a society where there is such a lack of respect for people.

  2. good post and so true.Unhappy people arent very nice!