Friday, August 28, 2009

My reasons baseball is boring.

Here are the why we should not focus on baseball.

1. Most of the action is between the pitcher and catcher.
2. The pitcher usually initiates every play, (unless someone steals a base)
3. The games tend to become too long and most defensive fielders and baserunners do absolutely nothing if the ball isn't going toward them.
4. People fall asleep in games, (I saw this a lot when going to Yankee Stadium)
5. Most outdoor games are prone to having their games delayed or cancelled due to inclement weather.
6. If your favorite team starts bad, they're most likely going to do bad.
7. The scheduling of the games makes it difficult to keep up with the action.
8. This sport is full of silly superstitions.
9. This is the sport where referees make the most inaccurate calls.
10. Is baseball really an American pastime when only 33% of Americans really watching it?
11. This sport is known for some infamous streaks such as the year after year failures of the Chicago Cubs not winning the World Series, and the American League winning ever All Star game since 1996 (not including 2002 tie)
12. Some fans become way too enthusiastic and become rowdy to the point where they can't focus on anything else in their lives other than baseball.
13. Who cares about Earn Run Average, on base percentage, and the number of home runs a player hits, those don't carry onto next season so you might as well leave your brain at home if you don't feel like doing math while observing baseball.
14. The games are too expensive (Yankees and Mets have the worst ticket prices in the majors today) especially if the team isn't doing so well.
15. Baseball is not a religion so you shouldn't treat it that way, unfortunately some fans still do...
16. Players are paid as much as $100 millon to do great and later blow up when the moments count, what a ripoff!
17. Most professional sports that have at least 30 clubs send at least 12, while MLB sends only 8 which makes it harder for more deserving teams to make the post season.
18. If a pitcher is the spotlight of the game, why can't he finish what he started?
19. Hitting is the most exciting part of the game, and if that doesn't happen, I'm going to bed.
20. The food in addition to ticket prices is way too expensive for my budget, and to make things worse, I can't sneak outside food into venues.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Coney Island, Brooklyn.

Coney Island is a neighborhood in Brooklyn. In fact it's probably the most talked about neighborhood in the borough. There's KeySpan Park for the Cyclones, the amusement park, the BMT Subway station, the Hot Dog store Nathan's and the two and a half mile boardwalk (The Edward J Riegelmann boardwalk to be exact) that serves Manhattan Beach, Brighton Beach, and Coney Island, and ending at Sea Gate (east-to-west)

In case you're curious to see what points of interest look like, here they are.

Let me start with the Riegelmann boardwalk itself.

The Famous roller coaster, the Cyclone

The Wonder Wheel and the amusement park

The Parachute Jump Tower: back in the day a parachute jump was an actual ride.

KeySpan Park, home for the Cyclones. I believe these side walls were more interesting though.

Nathan's hot Dog Stand.

Looking along Stillwell Avenue

The Subway Station, home for the D F N and Q lines

That's it for now, thanks for reading.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Two new sports coming in 2016

I'm thinking seven years ahead, as of when the 2016 Summer Olympic Games will have. It looks like Golf and Rugby are the front runners of the two vacant sporting event slots left by the removal of baseball and softball, leaving after the 2008 Games. I don't watch Golf frequently, and I don't know much about Rugby either. Honestly, I think baseball/softball are way more popular spectator sports than those two combined. IOC took out softball because the Americans dominated the sport? I think that statement is just BS. If that's the case the IOC might as well take out basketball, swimming, and track and field too.

Baseball reps as well as the softball speakers are going to discuss in this ever growing debate of which two sports will make it to the 2016 games. Clinics are going around the world in order to prove that baseball and softball have grown as a worldwide sport. Promotions have been taking place as well to increase interest on baseball and softball.

I keep wondering, what was the IOC thinking when they voted out baseball and softball? Were certain nations too dominant such as the Americans, or was it not global enough? While we'll neve know the answer, we do know this, the dreams of a lot of would be olympians have been broken because the supreme powers of the IOC have decided that baseball/softball was not a global sport, that there was a global imbalance in those sports.

We'll have to wait until October of this year to see which two sports made the 2016 cut. Baseball and Softball will need to do a better job convincing the IOC that those sports have grown globally.

R160 on the R train?

This will be a short entry, I really don't have much detail to it right now. From what I'm hearing, there's a R160 train set on line as of today. Remember this is not confirmed yet, but line riders should be prepared for a train of R160s to roll out in the Fall of 2009. The line usually has R40M, R42 and R46 cars. Most recently the lines have updated their announcements and now the line is getting the cars. Not surprising that the just recently used the R160s during reroutes going to 179th Street on the line due to construction.

line customers would sure welcome the new R160 trains considering that the line has been rated amongst the dirtiest subway lines in NYC. It might change eventually, but hopefully the R160s on the line will make the line cleaner.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Things you need to know about the NYC Transit

Things you need to know about the NYC Transit (services that serve New York City)

1. Base fare for subway and local bus is $2.25 and express buses cost $5.50 per ride.

2. There are 468 subway stations in the four of five boroughs (The Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens) Staten Island has it's own Railway.

3. There are 26 subway lines.
42nd StreetFranklin AvenueRockaway Park

4.There are 250 local bus routes (38 in the Bronx, 55 in Brooklyn, 41 in Manhattan, 84 in Queens, and 32 bus routes in Staten Island) and about 50 express bus routes that travel between the boroughs. Each bus route is identified by borough letter BX for Bronx, B for Brooklyn, M for Manhattan, Q for Queens, and S for Staten Island. X is the designation for Express buses.

5. Free transfers between buses and subways are valid within two hours.

6. Fare is payable by exact change only on buses and by Metrocard (the official card of the MTA)

7. 375 out of 468 subway stations can be connected by buses

8. Two types of Metro Card, pay-per-ride or unlimited rides. Unlimited rides are available for one day ($8.25), 7 days ($27), 14 days($51.50), 30 days ($89).

9. MetroCards generally do expire around one year after they are purchased, so please use them as soon as you buy them, (except unlimited cards)

10. Some station entrances are open 24 hours a day; these are labeled by a green globe. Station entrances that are not open 24 hours a day are labeled with a red globe, and exit only entrances are marked with a "Do Not Enter" sign.

Here are some rules now

1. Please pay the proper fare using your metrocard or exact change (only on buses), do not jump the turnstile or squish two people on the rotating gate door(on the subway) or enter through the rear doors of the bus. You risk a a $100 fine for fare evasion.

2. Do not walk or ride between subway cars. If you must switch cars do it at a station platform quickly.

3. Do not panhandle, or beg for money. Playing loud music or causing a distraction is prohibited.

4. Do not hold subway or bus doors open, let them close. You are delaying service. Do not ride outside the subway car or bus (surfing)

5. Using the emergency cord (or the brake handle in newer cars) in the subway is only necessary if someone is being dragged by the train, otherwise it'll delay service.

6. Walk, do not run on escalators, elevators, stairs and ramps.

7. Please if available take and use only one seat, do not put your feet or your bags on the empty seats.

8. When requesting a stop on the bus, push button, tape, or cord to signal for stop, when you are approaching your stop.

9. Please let passengers leave the subway car or bus before you board, and let others take your seat (especially for pregnant women or elderly) if they are carrying bulky items.

10. Getting to your destination: Please follow the signs for the subway/bus line that you wish to take.

11. You must show your ID card if requested, you risk arrest if you fail to comply.

12. Do not drink alcoholic beverages on bus or subway and no smoking either.

13. Do not enter tracks, tunnels, subway car cabs, and other non-public areas.

14. Do not damage subway or bus property, (graffiti, or scratch the windows).

15. No throwing garbage other than trash receptacles. (that's littering)

16. Don't ride a skateboard, bicycle, scooter, and roller blades on the bus or subway.

For safety measures

1. Keep your personal belongings at sight at all times.

2. Do not put your wallet on the back pocket.

3. Be careful about using electronic devices such as cell phones.

4. Use bags that have zippers on them to close, string bags are just not useful in security.

5. If you feel like you are being touched inappropriately, move away, and if that's the case, call the police.

6. If you are listening to your music player, turn the volume low so you can still be aware of your surroundings.

7. If you feel sleepy, stand up. Thieves thrive on stealing from sleeping passengers.

8. Emergency: call the bus operator on the bus or the train conductor (middle) or train operator (first car) using the emergency intercom controls (located inside the new subway cars) They'll summon police en route.

9. Wait for trains or buses at busy areas, don't wait at the extreme ends of the subway platform especially if trains are using fewer cars at non-busy hours, you'll miss your train if you wait at the ends; trains usually stop at the middle of the platform.

10. If you see something suspicious look for a police officer or a transit employee.

11. Avoid empty subway cars, if you can, and ride with other passengers.

12. If someone is following you unwanted, zigzag across the street or on the platform, change directions so the follower will have trouble following you.

13. When riding the subway/bus and you can't sit, hold on a pole or railing.

14. Do not enter tracks, the third rail carries 600 volts of electricity.

15, When using escalators, step off, don't ride off, you'll hurt your feet, and avoid the sides. Do not rest packages, or sit on the steps.

16. As of other doors, don't hold elevator doors or have other belongings interfere with them.

Remain Alert and have a safe day.