Monday, April 26, 2010

Time to unite the MTA New York Companies, Now!

For the past two months as I rode buses and subways, I've noticed the fine print between New York City Bus, MTA Bus, and Long Island Bus. Three different entities doing similar operations with their bus service. You probably can't tell them apart, if you don't look closely, surely enough, you will see the difference. You might be asking, why are MTA Bus, NYC Transit Bus, and LI Bus not united yet? Here's a sample list:

  1. Different unions, (varies by depot)
  2. MTA bus operators make slightly less money than NYC Transit's operators.
  3. MTA Bus depots, the operators have different salaries.
  4. The route program doesn't allow one bus to switch displays between MTA Bus and NYC Transit and LI Bus.
So it seems that bus prospects are better off working for NYC Transit's bus because they have the highest pay (about $22 per hour) MTA New York really needs to wake up and negotiate contracts to help out MTA Bus and give them a fair share of the pie. It's not fair that they're earning as much as $9 less than what NYC Transit's making. Since the inception of MTA Bus Company in 2004, they have taken over these following bus companies.

  1. Liberty Lines (Yonkers Depot)
  2. New York Bus Service (Eastchester Depot)
  3. Command Bus (Spring Creek Depot)
  4. Green Bus Lines (Far Rockaway and JFK Depots)
  5. Jamaica Buses (Baisley Park Depot)
  6. Triboro Coach (LaGuardia Depot)
  7. Queens Surface Corporation (College Point Depot)
Each of these depots still has old contracts from their now defunct private operators. MTA New York has yet to set a new contract for these bus operators working with these depots. They need it right now.

NYC Transit buses are affiliated with Transit Workers Union Local 100. These following depots are: (1-6 from Brooklyn, 7-10 in Manhattan, 11-14 in Bronx)
  1. Ulmer Park (Bensonhurst)
  2. East New York
  3. Flatbush (in Flatlands)
  4. Jackie Gleason (Sunset Park)
  5. Fresh Pond (actually located in Queens)
  6. Grand Avenue (Maspeth,Queens)
  7. Michael J Quill
  8. 126 Street Depot
  9. 100 Street Depot
  10. Manhattanville
  11. West Farms
  12. Gun Hill
  13. Amsterdam
  14. Kingsbridge
Amalgamated Transit Union Local 726 of Staten Island holds these depots

  1. Yukon (New Springville)
  2. Castleton (Port Richmond)
Queens has another union, which I'm not sure off but I believe it's the TWU too.

  1. Queens Village
  2. Casey Stengel (Flushing)
  3. Jamaica
All of the NYC Transit Subways are under TWU Local 100. All of the yards are under here too.

  1. Uniport Yard
  2. 238 Street Yard
  3. 240 Street Yard
  4. Concourse Yard
  5. Westchester Yard
  6. 207 Street Yard
  7. Lenox Avenue Yard
  8. Jamaica
  9. East New York
  10. Livonia Avenue
  11. Fresh Pond
  12. Canarsie
  13. Coney Island
  14. 36 Street
There are probably more yards out there that I didn't mention.

Let's get to the point:

These bus operators, and train crews do almost the same role, operate buses and subways and other rail lines. These companies, depots and yards are under different unions and contracts which means different benefits and different pay. Not all bus operators are being paid their fare share and that needs to change right now. we need to find a way ti unite all of these companies rail and bus and put them under one union where everyone gets a fair share of the pie in terms of their earnings.

I hope that MTA New York can find a way to unite all of these companies for real.

Here is what I am hoping will be the result of this unity:
  1. MTA Bus Company operators can easily switch between the current NYCTA and MTABC depots easily and vice versa. They currently have long processes to do so, but with this unity it'll be quick and easy.
  2. MTA Bus Company operators can sign up for promotion to rapid transit train operator if they wish. Currently only New York City Transit bus operators are only offered this promotion and not MTABC.
  3. All MTA New York Bus Companies can have all of their buses under quality control. Only the newest fleet of MTA Bus, all NYCT and LI Buses are under Quality Control. Some MTA Bus Companies' buses are not under quality control.
  4. All bus/subway operators earn the same salary regardless of their depot/yard they are assigned to providing that a big union or all the small unions follow salary guidelines.
I had some bus operators from MTA Bus Company say that they almost the same type of roles as that of New York City Transit Authority's bus operators. I do agree, there's hardly anything different between the roles that these two companies play in moving commuters, let along the fine print on the bus labels. If MTA New York is to unite the bus entities, then they might make serious attempts to unite MTA Bus Company and NYCTA buses as well as the LI bus into one entity so that everyone has a fair share of the salary pie. I hope that if I decide to become a bus operator or train operator, then these entities are united.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

My General reroute posters

Here are some of my general reroute maps from April. Just click on the images to see the bigger version.

Friday, April 16, 2010

MTA Bus Company

MTA Bus Company is a bus corporation that provides bus service. All of the bus services were once separate private bus companies.

The companies were:

  1. Green Bus Lines
  2. Triboro Coach
  3. Queens Surface Corporation
  4. Command Bus Lines
  5. Liberty Lines Express
  6. Jamaica Buses
  7. New York Bus Service
All of them are part of MTA Bus Company. Here are the depots;

  1. Green Bus Lines' routes are based out of Far Rockaway and JFK Depots in Queens.
  2. Triboro Coach Corporation's routes are based out of LaGuardia Depot in Queens.
  3. Queens Surface Corporation's routes are based out of College Point Depot in Queens.
  4. Command Bus' routes are based in Spring Creek Depot, in Brooklyn.
  5. Liberty Lines' routes are now in Yonkers Depot, in the Bronx.
  6. Jamaica Buses' routes are now in Baisley Park Depot, in Queens.
  7. New York Bus Service' routes are now in Eastchester, Depot in the Bronx.
The only private bus company still standing is Atlantic Express.

So far bus operators are earning a bit less than that of New York City Transit's operators due to their contracts being based out of the former bus companies. A new contract is in the works for the MTA Bus Company operators to be paid about the same level as New York City Transit, but for now, this is the way it is, MTA Bus operators earning less for almost the same exact role as that of New York City Transit.

The growing problem with fare evasion

Fare evasion has been a problem with MTA New York, maybe other cities around the United States, and around the world too. However fare evasion has been rampant in New York City over the past few days.

Fare evasions in subways occur by:
  1. Jumping the turnstile
  2. Two people entering through the high entrance high exit turnstile with only one fare
  3. People entering through the service exit door (used by disabled)
Fare evasions in buses occur by:
  1. Not paying the exact change, when required.
  2. Entering through the rear door of a local bus when not authorized
  3. A person has money, just not on the card or in coins.
I will discuss the bus issue first.

Pay your fare on time. I've seen bus operators go ballistic over the fact that a passenger didn't pay his/her fare promptly. Some bus operators would stop the bus from running when the person sitting did not pay his/her fare. I've had a bus operator call the police because of the fare evasion. Students who have their student pass with half-fare aren't even paying their fair share either. I know that bus operators sometimes let passengers slide without paying their fare, but it's not fair to other paying customers and the transportation agency.

Now for subways and railroads:

Jumping turnstiles used to be a problem for the subways/rapid transit systems. It still is, just that it's not heard too much because it doesn't make the news. The service gate is a problem now, because when people use the gates to exit the subway, other riders sneak in through those gates (providing that it's still opened) With station booth clerks disappearing these days, fare evasion by the gates will present a much bigger problem.

Tickets please! People board the railroads sometimes without even paying a ticket first, and sometimes there are stories that conductors do not check everyone's ticket. I don't think it's too much of a problem, but that might be the case sometimes.

According to the NY Daily News, bus fare evasions are costing MTA New York about $8,100,000 a year!

As for the subways in New York, it costs New York City Transit about $27 million dollars a year!

So remember, folks, pay your fare on time, every time!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

MTA Bus Service Changes

Attention all MTA Bus Company customers!



To align service closer with ridership, the times of the first and last trips on the BM1, BM2, BM3 and BM4 will be adjusted.

Weekday Adjustments

BM2: The first Weekday PM Downtown trip from Church Street
to Spring Creek will depart 20 minutes later at 4:05 PM.

BM4: An 8:45 PM "All Stops" trip will be added from 57th
Street/2nd Avenue to Gerritsen Beach.

No time changes to the first and last Weekday BM1 and BM3 trips, or the first and last Weekday trips on other BM2 and BM4 services.

Saturdays - New Hours of Service (Bold denotes change)

BM1: To Midtown/Downtown: 6:00 AM - 9:30 PM
To Mill Basin: 9:00 AM - 12:00 Midnight

BM2: To Midtown/Downtown: 6:00 AM - 9:40 PM
To Canarsie: 9:10 AM - 12:10 AM

BM3: To Midtown/Downtown: 6:20 AM - 9:20 PM
To Sheepshead Bay: 8:50 AM - 11:50 PM

BM4: No Changes


To provide increased travel options for express bus customers on the Woodhaven Boulevard / Cross Bay Boulevard corridor, the following BM5 bus stops will be added:

  • Woodhaven Blvd & Metropolitan Av
  • Woodhaven Blvd & Forest Park Dr
  • Cross Bay Blvd & Pitkin Av

These bus stops are also served by the QM15. There will be no changes to the current BM5 travel path. All current bus stops in Midtown Manhattan and bus stops between Lindenwood and Spring Creek will remain unchanged.

In Midtown, the BM5 will continue to operate via Madison Avenue (drop-off) and Fifth Avenue (pick-up) between 34th Street and 57th Street/1st Avenue. The BM5 will continue to operate Monday-Saturday.


To provide more reliable service and to address a traffic constraint at 4th Avenue and 9th Street, the non-stop travel path of the westbound B103, to Downtown Brooklyn, will be revised.

After exiting the Prospect Expressway, the westbound B103 will use Prospect Avenue to travel directly to 3rd Avenue instead of transitioning to 3rd Avenue via 4th Avenue and 9th Street.

The first stop after the Prospect Expressway will continue to be on 3rd Avenue at State Street.

The eastbound B103, to Canarsie, will remain unchanged, using 4th Avenue.


In a response to increased ridership, the weekend hours of service of the B103 Limited will be expanded, including the introduction of Sunday service.

Weekend B103 service will be expanded to provide the following hours of service:

  • Canarsie to Downtown Brooklyn: 6:00 AM-10:00 PM
  • Downtown Brooklyn to Canarsie: 7:15 AM-11:15 PM


  • Canarsie to Downtown Brooklyn: 6:30 AM-7:00 PM
  • Downtown Brooklyn to Canarsie: 7:45 AM-8:15 PM

All weekend B103 trips will operate between Canarsie and Downtown Brooklyn, and there will be no changes to the travel path or bus stops.

BM1, BM2, BM3, BM4
Buses rerouted at Park Place
Mon, Oct 13, 2008 until Further Notice

Because of reconstruction on Park Place between Church St and Broadway, BM1, BM2, BM3 and BM4 buses are rerouted over Warren St.

BM1, BM2, BM3 and BM4 buses leave their regular routeson Church St at Warren St, travel on Warren St to Broadway, then return to their regular routes along Broadway.

No service change.
New temporary bus stops
On Church St at:
• Murray St
Buses no longer stop on Park Place.



In order to provide faster service and respond to growing ridership on the Q6 between Jamaica, South Jamaica, Springfield Gardens and the North Boundary Road Cargo Area in JFK Airport, a new Q6 limited-stop service will be provided. The Q6 Limited will operate Weekdays only, northbound approximately 6:00 AM to 8:30 AM and southbound approximately 3:20 PM to 7:00 PM, and will operate along the same route as the Q6 local service, stopping only at:

  • 165th Street Bus Terminal;
  • 168 St & Jamaica Av (Northbound Only)
  • Jamaica Av & 160 St (SB)/153 St (NB)
  • Sutphin Blvd & 91 Av (SB)/Archer Av (NB) (EJZ, LIRR & Air Train);
  • Sutphin Blvd & Arlington Terrace (SB)/109 Av (NB)
  • Sutphin Blvd & Linden Blvd
  • Sutphin Blvd & Foch Blvd
  • Sutphin Blvd & Rockaway Blvd

Then all other local stops to/from JFK Airport/N Boundary Rd Q6 local service will continue to operate at all times in both directions serving all local Q6 bus stops.


To provide more reliable service and to provide service closer with ridership needs, alternate Weekday daytime and evening Q60 trips will operate only between East Midtown and Jamaica (Archer Avenue at Sutphin Boulevard).

The destination sign on these short eastbound trips will read:


Eastbound Q60 trips with the following destination signs continue to operate the full length to South Jamaica on 109 Av:



In order to provide more consistent and uniform service on Roosevelt Island, all Q102 service will travel through Roosevelt Island in the same direction.

Upon entering the island at the Roosevelt Island Bridge, all buses will first travel north on Main Street to Coler Hospital, then south to Goldwater Hospital, and then exit the island at the bridge.

In addition, the following closely-spaced bus stops on the island will be discontinued: (1) 568 Main St, (2) 579 Main St, (3) P.S./I.S. 270, and (4) The Octagon on Northbound Main St. Please use a nearby alternate bus stop.

All service in Long Island City and Astoria will remain unchanged.


Due to low ridership, the hours of service will be adjusted. The last trip to Midtown will now depart South Ozone Park at 8:58 AM, instead of 9:58 AM. The first trip to South Ozone Park will now depart 34th Street/3rd Avenue at 3:35 PM instead of 2:55 PM, and the last trip will now depart at 6:35 PM instead of 7:00 PM.

Bold denotes change.

New Hours of Service

To Midtown:
Weekdays: 6:28 AM - 8:58 AM

To South Ozone Park:
Weekdays: 3:35 PM - 6:35 PM


In an effort to provide faster, more reliable service, the non-stop travel path of the northbound Q53 Limited will be revised in Jackson Heights and Woodside.

The northbound Q53 will use a shorter travel path via Roosevelt Avenue and 39th Avenue instead of via Broadway to travel from 75th Street in Jackson Heights to its current terminus on 61st Street at Roosevelt Avenue in Woodside.

There are no bus stops along this segment of the northbound Q53 travel path, and therefore, no bus stops will be affected by this revision.

The southbound Q53 travel path (to Rockaway Park) will remain unchanged.

Reconstruction of Sewer System
108th Street to 62nd Drive to the Horace Harding Expressway


  • Bus Stop on 108th street at 62 Drive will be made on 62 Drive west of 108th street.


  • Bus Stop on 63 Road near side of 108th street will be made on 108th street between 63 Road and 63 Avenue.
  • Bus Stop on 62 Drive east of 108th Street will be made on 62 Drive west of 108th Street.

QM10 - QM11

  • Bus Stop on 63 Road near side of 108th street will be made on 108th street between 63 Road and 63 Avenue.
  • Bus Stop on 62 Drive east of 108th Street will be made on 62 Drive west of 108th Street.

Starting December 31 2008 Until Further Notice.

Construction Closure:
Borden Avenue Bridge


The Bus Stop on 27th Avenue at 49th Street will not be made.

QM1A, QM11, QM24
Buses rerouted at Park Place
Mon, Oct 13, 2008 until Further Notice

Because of reconstruction on Park Place between Church St and Broadway, QM1A, QM11 and QM24 buses are rerouted over Warren St.

QM1A, QM11 and QM24 buses leave their regular routes on Church St at Warren St, travel on Warren St to Broadway, then return to their regular routes along Broadway.

No service change.
New temporary bus stops
On Warren St at:
• Church St (QM1A)
• Mid-block between Church St and Broadway(QM11, QM24)
Buses no longer stop on Park Place.



In an effort to provide faster, more reliable service on a more direct path, the BxM3 travel path will be revised only on the current southbound, AM peak period, BxM3 trips that bypass the southerly Bronx pick-up bus stops on Sedgwick Avenue. These trips will directly access the Major Deegan Expressway using the Van Cortlandt Park South entrance ramp, instead of traveling non-stop on Bailey Avenue to the West 230th Street entrance ramp.

These trips will make all regular pick-up stops from Getty Square to Broadway at West 244th Street, but will no longer stop at the pick-up bus stop on Van Cortlandt Park South at Bailey Avenue. During this period, customers using this bus stop may continue to use the southbound BxM3 trips that start at the bus stop on Van Cortlandt Park South at Bailey Avenue for service to Manhattan

All other BxM3 service will remain unchanged.

June 21st, 2008
BxM 6, 7, 7A, 7B, 9, 10


taken from

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Attention Brooklyn customers on the X29

If you are boarding the X29 bus, your route will be cut entirely. The X29 runs from Coney Island Stillwell Avenue via Coney Island Avenue, goes to/from Manhattan via the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel and via Church Street-6/Madison Avenues (mornings) and 5th Avenue/Broadway(Afternoons) to Midtown 57th Street (between 5 and Madison Avenues)

This service change will take effect on June 28,2010, barring any miracles from the MTA board.

Here's some alternatives.

  1. Take the (B) along the Brighton Line to/from Manhattan, The (B) runs parallel to the X29 morning route, except Lower Manhattan. For Lower Manhattan stops between West 4th Street, and Battery Park, you must transfer to the (R) at DeKalb Avenue.
  2. Take the (Q) along the Brighton Line to/from Manhattan. The (Q) runs parallel to the X29 afternoon route except Lower Manhattan. For Lower Manhattan stops between Canal Street and Battery Park, you must transfer to the (R) at either DeKalb Avenue or Canal street to any stop between those two stations.
  3. Take the (F) along the Culver Line to/from Manhattan. The (F) doesn't run to Lower Manhattan, you should transfer to the (A)(C) between West 4 Street in Manhattan or Jay Street Boro-Hall in Brooklyn.
If you can't use the subway, here's the bus alternative.
  1. Take the B68 bus to/from Beverley Road from along the X29 route, (if you are between Neptune Avenue and Beverley Road). Transfer to the BM3 or BM4 Bus to Manhattan.
  2. X29 customers between Coney Island and West 5th Street: Take the B36 bus to Avenue X and Nostrand Avenue for the BM3 bus to Manhattan.
  3. BM3 and BM4 bus are under MTA Bus Company (former Command Bus) Please note that the BM3 and BM4 buses do not stop along Broadway and 6th Avenues in Manhattan between Park Row and 23rd street. You should use the M6 bus between these areas.
Some extra info
  1. X29, and B36 are based out of Ulmer Park Depot in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn.
  2. B4 and B68 are based out of Jackie Gleason Depot in Sunset Park in Brooklyn.
  3. BM3 and BM4 are based out of Spring Creek Depot in Brooklyn, (MTA Bus)
That is all for now.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Transport Workers Union

Transport Workers Union of America is a union that represents transportation personnel in airlines, railroads, buses, rapid transit subways, sea travel. They represent all transportation workers of the United States.

In New York City, our TWU Union is Local 100.

The bus depots the TWU represent are as follows:
The Transit Authority Surface
  1. Ulmer Park
  2. Jackie Gleason
  3. East New York
  4. Flatbush
  5. Grand Avenue
  6. Fresh Pond
  7. 126th Street Depot
The Manhattan and Bronx Surface Transit Authority

  1. Michael J Quill
  2. Manhattanville
  3. 100th Street
  4. West Farms
  5. Amsterdam
  6. Gun Hill
  7. Kingsbridge
You can find more of this by going to this link.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Subway timeables from 2000-2003 with the B D and Q.

I will let the images do the talking. I have the Brighton/6 Avenue (D)(Q) service from 2000, the West End/6av (B) from 2000, the (Q) Brighton/Broadway Service. I do apologize if the timetables aren't shown in their entire form, however I think you will understand. To see the larger versions, click on the images. I hope you find this a fun ride through memory lane.

Let's begin with the (Q) services.

Here is the old Brighton timetable from the (D) and (Q).

And finally the (B) service when it used to run via the West End Line in Brooklyn.

This is all I have for now. I hope you enjoyed.

Sunday, April 4, 2010