Sunday, September 6, 2009

Tennis fever in NYC

New York City is having a fever again, Tennis fever that is. The US open is currently in session at the USTA tennis center in Flushing, Queens, New York, right across the street from Citi Field. I bet some of you have already caught some tennis action already. I'm am going to explain some rules regarding the tennis court itself. This applies to singles matches. Correct me if I have any wrong information here.

A regular tennis court measures 78 feet by 36 feet. The service area (where the ball has to land in a serve) is 21 feet away from the net. The Net is three feet high at the center of the court. Any ball hitting the net and going over to the other side is considered in play, and if the ball doesn't go over, the other player takes a point. The side (tramline) boxes are considered out if a ball is hit there, (except in doubles matches.)

The borderline calls can be quite controversial, sometimes missed calls are made here, (refer to the third image) Players have three challenges in each match to protest these calls if such is disputed.
The US Open is in session until September 13th.

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