Sunday, January 10, 2010

New York Giants Fan

I am a New York Giants fan, and watched the Giants get off to an impressive five-game winning streak. The Denver Broncos, Minnesota Vikings, Indianapolis Colts, and New Orleans Saints also had a five game winning streak to start their respective seasons.

The Giants would lose their next four games, and win again against the Atlanta Falcons in their 10th game of the season. They faced the Denver Broncos and coming off their losing streak of four games, they beat the New York Giants, in a Thanksgiving special on NFL network.

The NY Giants played their last ever game at Giants Stadium against the Carolina Panthers and they lose 41-9.

The low points:

Giants lose twice to the Philadelphia Eagles.

The New Orleans Saints faced the Giants in week six in a battle of undefeated teams, the Saints blow the Giants away 48-27, in week six.

Giants have no touchdowns against the Denver Broncos as the Broncos end their slump at the expense of the Giants 26-6.

Giants still had a chance to end their season on a high note and a winning season of 9-7, despite missing the postseason. The Minnesota Vikings put the finishing touches on the season with a 44-7 win.

Some positives:

Giants beat their own division rivals Dallas Cowboys and the Washington Redskins twice in the season. They go 4-2 against the teams within the same division.

Hopefully their next season at Meadowlands Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey will be a turning point.

Speaking of New Jersey, the Nets as of this posting are 3 wins and 33 losses this season. No I'm not a Nets' fan however, despite all the talented players they have, they find ways to lose, blowing leads, losing by big margins, and or coming back and then falling short. This team needs to start finding their ways or they'll be the laughing stock in the NBA

Here's some other things going on in MLB

Major League Baseball isn't starting this month or next month. Here's a list on the things that will keep us busy for the next two months!

1. BCS National Championship between Alabama Crimson Tide and the Texas Longhorns. This game is on ABC this week.

2. The NFL Postseason begins this weekend. My favorite team the NY Giants are out, so I'll go root for the Jets to win.

3. This year's NBA All Star Game is in Dallas Texas where the Dallas Mavericks are hosting.

4. The NFL All Star Game, also known as the Pro Bowl, will be in Miami, the first time in two decades. In the previous years they were in Hawaii.

5. The Golden Globes are on in about a week on NBC.

6. The Academy Awards and the Grammy Music Awards are around this time of year,

The Mets have Jason Bay too... I was not going to believe that until I saw this on my e-mail...

Jason Bay

Jason Bay leaves the Red Sox while leading them in the home run category. At least the Yankees wouldn't have to worry too much about anymore.

If anything, the Yankees got a cool outfielder on their own.

That would be Curtis Granderson. Photo taken for NY Daily News.

I think the Yankees and Mets are making some progress this winter with each adding these outfielders.

I was wondering what were the Yankees thinking when they decided to cut Hideki Matsui loose?

He played in two World Series with the Yankees, and leading them to a 2009 win over the Phillies, earning the MVP title. In all honesty I do have to disagree and wished the Yankees would have kept him long term. He had three home runs in this series, one in Philly as a pinch-hitter.

If the Yankees are to repeat, they'll have to do it without Hideki, who will be missed. He'll be doing his MVP duties with the Angels instead.

Hideki Matsui
Chris Carlson, AP

This year should be fun!

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