Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Subway Car fleets as of July 2009

NYC fleet assignments

Here are the following subway car assignments by each subway line

uses R62A
uses R142
uses R62
uses R142 and R142A cars
uses R142
uses R142A
uses R62A cars
uses R62A cars

uses R44, and R46
uses R68 and R68A
uses R32
uses R68
uses R160A and R160B cars
uses R46, R160A, and R160B subway cars
uses mainly R46.
uses R32, R40M, R42 and R46 cars
Rockaway Park Shuttle uses four R44 cars, eight during the summer.

uses R42 and R160A
uses R143 and R160A
uses R160A
uses R160A and R160B.
uses R68, R68A, R160A and R160B
uses R32, R40M, R42, and R46 cars.
uses two R68 subway cars,for their trains in the Franklin Avenue Shuttle
uses R160A and R160B
uses the same fleet as the

The differences from the last list

R40 slants have been retired.
R68 and R68A's do not appear on and anymore.
trains no longer use R32, R40M and R42 cars.
are expected to have R160s compromise 100% of their fleets
is forecasted to use R160s in the future.
The uses R32, R40M and R42 car classes now.

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