Friday, July 31, 2009

My trip to Ogdensburg, New York

Greetings, everyone.

I know some of you have not heard yet, however I was gone for four days with my family on a trip to Ogdensburg, New York. I believe the trip was about seven to eight hours long. We did take a few breaks along the way to refuel and eat up some lunch.

Just to give you an idea, I drew a red line over the routes we traveled.

I do apologize for the map being a bit blurry, but I think you'll get the idea. This map covers the State of New York. We did have to pass through New Jersey first, and then Pennsylvania.

Here's our start.
That's me, making the weird face and the Mets' road cap, big thanks to my sister Meg for taking the photo. I was looking forward for going up there to my birthtown of Ogdensburg.

Me and my brother Mark, he's holding a black bag.
This was interstate route 80 in Pennsylvania. Rocks do fall here so you must be careful driving around.
Another image, taken by my sister. Those trees are nice in Pennsylvania ( I hope I got the location right)
My dad looks at a restaurant in Scranton, Pennsylvania, our big stop and our halfway point in the trip.

This is the Restaurant's sign.
And some food on the way...
I'm trying out my customized dish, mostly chicken and fried rice.
Mark with his dish.
I'm just stretching, and Mark is requesting another meal.

I believe this is what my two sisters ate there too.

Here's some more scenery, taken by my sisters Meg and Faye.

After that, we just drove up north to Ogdensburg, at one point we missed our exit and appeared to be headed for Canada. Oh no, we don't have a passport, luckily, my older sister Meg and my Dad reminded my cousing Jack (our driver) to turn around.

Here's our main stay.
This is my Aunt Mae's house and me posing in front, with my camera. (Don't call me a paparazzo)

Later in the evening, another photo gathering.

From left to right (Mark, Matthew(myself), Michelle, and Faye). Michelle is my cousin, and Faye is my older sister.

Here's more from around the house.

Anyways, that's all for now. We sure had a great time gathering here. We did meet some cool friends along the way too. The neighbors here in Ogdensburg are sure friendly. The only issue we had were fending off the mosqitoes around the house, they were annoying. We left there with a lot of bug bites, me, Mark, Faye, and Meg had a lot so we needed itching cream to sooth those bug bites.

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