Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Baseball caps: The trend

The cost of a good-shaped baseball cap these days are going up. For New Era's popular Baseball caps, the current recommended price has gone up to $34.99 just for one now. I have not purchased a baseball cap since March of this year. When I first started collecting baseball caps in 2004, the same ones (which were made of wool back then, now made of polyester) were only $25 a piece.
Here's a sample list of the average recommended prices for baseball caps
  1. 2004 Fitted caps: $24.99. Adjustable caps: $16.99
  2. 2007 Fitted caps: $29.99. Adjustable caps: $18.00
  3. 2009 Fitted caps $31.00. Adjustable caps: $20
  4. 2010 Fitted caps: $31.99. Adjustable caps: $21
  5. 2011 Fitted caps: $34.99. Adjustable caps: $24
Now I'm not complaining about the rising prices of baseball caps, but I have seen the trend in which baseball caps have taken in the past few years since the years I have collected them. Back then the fitted caps were and still popular today, however, the prices have gone up, due to the material being used, from the switch from wool to polyester for Major League Baseball players.Here's another thing to watch out when purchasing baseball caps: Try to purchase them at stores, and make sure the caps are the real ones. Do not settle for fake caps, that sell for like $5-10 dollars. You'll know when the baseball cap is fake when:

  1. The logo looks distorted, such as the MLB logo or team logo.
  2. The Authentic sports sticker is not on the cap
  3. The price looks too good to be true.
The real baseball caps can be purchased at:

  1. Modell's
  2. Dick's sporting goods
  3. Foot Locker
  4. New Era Flagship stores
  5. General sports and clothing stores
Anyways, hope this helps.

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