Sunday, August 2, 2009

What I ate during my trip to Ogdensburg and in the town.

When I last talked here, I was talking about the 8 hour drive up there from Brooklyn, New York to Ogdensburg. We passed two different states, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and back to New York State via Interstate 81.

A1 Buffet is a Chinese Buffet in Scranton, Pennsylvania. I did display some of the images during, now here's the rest.

And here is what we ate when we were up in my Aunt Mae's house in Ogdensburg for the four days.

I was pretty stuffed after eating all those. I really don't want to know how many calories I just took up just by eating, (a calorie is a unit of energy, the energy content in food). I'm no foodie, but when there's something good to eat, you can hardly resist.

Me, and my little brother Mark, awaiting a meal.

Here are other images from our stay, that does not include what I ate.
The only issue we had, as I said in the last post, mosquitoes. They were such big pests as they stung us each at least 10 times. Good thing for medicine, otherwise these insect bites would be stinging for days now.

It is sure nice and green here. I hope it stays that way.

And here's a photo of my older sister Meg, she deserves all the credit here. She's the one who took the food photos, so I give her a big thanks for that.
There she is standing in front of the house.
My older sister, Faye standing outside.

That is it for now. Thanks for reading.

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