Friday, April 16, 2010

The growing problem with fare evasion

Fare evasion has been a problem with MTA New York, maybe other cities around the United States, and around the world too. However fare evasion has been rampant in New York City over the past few days.

Fare evasions in subways occur by:
  1. Jumping the turnstile
  2. Two people entering through the high entrance high exit turnstile with only one fare
  3. People entering through the service exit door (used by disabled)
Fare evasions in buses occur by:
  1. Not paying the exact change, when required.
  2. Entering through the rear door of a local bus when not authorized
  3. A person has money, just not on the card or in coins.
I will discuss the bus issue first.

Pay your fare on time. I've seen bus operators go ballistic over the fact that a passenger didn't pay his/her fare promptly. Some bus operators would stop the bus from running when the person sitting did not pay his/her fare. I've had a bus operator call the police because of the fare evasion. Students who have their student pass with half-fare aren't even paying their fair share either. I know that bus operators sometimes let passengers slide without paying their fare, but it's not fair to other paying customers and the transportation agency.

Now for subways and railroads:

Jumping turnstiles used to be a problem for the subways/rapid transit systems. It still is, just that it's not heard too much because it doesn't make the news. The service gate is a problem now, because when people use the gates to exit the subway, other riders sneak in through those gates (providing that it's still opened) With station booth clerks disappearing these days, fare evasion by the gates will present a much bigger problem.

Tickets please! People board the railroads sometimes without even paying a ticket first, and sometimes there are stories that conductors do not check everyone's ticket. I don't think it's too much of a problem, but that might be the case sometimes.

According to the NY Daily News, bus fare evasions are costing MTA New York about $8,100,000 a year!

As for the subways in New York, it costs New York City Transit about $27 million dollars a year!

So remember, folks, pay your fare on time, every time!

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  1. yep, kids are the ones who i see do this often. that is why i believe we need to cut the free metrocards. being a nyc school student does not mean you should be able to ride mass transit for free and it will teach them a lesson about taking advantage of other people's genorosities.