Sunday, April 11, 2010

Transport Workers Union

Transport Workers Union of America is a union that represents transportation personnel in airlines, railroads, buses, rapid transit subways, sea travel. They represent all transportation workers of the United States.

In New York City, our TWU Union is Local 100.

The bus depots the TWU represent are as follows:
The Transit Authority Surface
  1. Ulmer Park
  2. Jackie Gleason
  3. East New York
  4. Flatbush
  5. Grand Avenue
  6. Fresh Pond
  7. 126th Street Depot
The Manhattan and Bronx Surface Transit Authority

  1. Michael J Quill
  2. Manhattanville
  3. 100th Street
  4. West Farms
  5. Amsterdam
  6. Gun Hill
  7. Kingsbridge
You can find more of this by going to this link.

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