Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Attention Brooklyn customers on the X29

If you are boarding the X29 bus, your route will be cut entirely. The X29 runs from Coney Island Stillwell Avenue via Coney Island Avenue, goes to/from Manhattan via the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel and via Church Street-6/Madison Avenues (mornings) and 5th Avenue/Broadway(Afternoons) to Midtown 57th Street (between 5 and Madison Avenues)

This service change will take effect on June 28,2010, barring any miracles from the MTA board.

Here's some alternatives.

  1. Take the (B) along the Brighton Line to/from Manhattan, The (B) runs parallel to the X29 morning route, except Lower Manhattan. For Lower Manhattan stops between West 4th Street, and Battery Park, you must transfer to the (R) at DeKalb Avenue.
  2. Take the (Q) along the Brighton Line to/from Manhattan. The (Q) runs parallel to the X29 afternoon route except Lower Manhattan. For Lower Manhattan stops between Canal Street and Battery Park, you must transfer to the (R) at either DeKalb Avenue or Canal street to any stop between those two stations.
  3. Take the (F) along the Culver Line to/from Manhattan. The (F) doesn't run to Lower Manhattan, you should transfer to the (A)(C) between West 4 Street in Manhattan or Jay Street Boro-Hall in Brooklyn.
If you can't use the subway, here's the bus alternative.
  1. Take the B68 bus to/from Beverley Road from along the X29 route, (if you are between Neptune Avenue and Beverley Road). Transfer to the BM3 or BM4 Bus to Manhattan.
  2. X29 customers between Coney Island and West 5th Street: Take the B36 bus to Avenue X and Nostrand Avenue for the BM3 bus to Manhattan.
  3. BM3 and BM4 bus are under MTA Bus Company (former Command Bus) Please note that the BM3 and BM4 buses do not stop along Broadway and 6th Avenues in Manhattan between Park Row and 23rd street. You should use the M6 bus between these areas.
Some extra info
  1. X29, and B36 are based out of Ulmer Park Depot in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn.
  2. B4 and B68 are based out of Jackie Gleason Depot in Sunset Park in Brooklyn.
  3. BM3 and BM4 are based out of Spring Creek Depot in Brooklyn, (MTA Bus)
That is all for now.


  1. The X29 is the only express bus route i have ever been on. it will be sad to see it go, but then again, it is kinda pointless since it runs alonside other bus routes, both local and express.

  2. Mr. S Chartered Services has taken over the X-29 route. The MTA screwed the X-29 riders, so screw the MTA!

  3. First of all, the anonymous comment #1 is obviously fake, because the x29 does not run along side any other express bus route. Second, it seems like the MTA made random decisions on what lines to cut. Our train station (Q)and the next station are closed for renovation and the MTA still took away our only alternative, the X29. The X28 has a bus leaving every 3 minutes - they are empty or only have 1 or 2 people on it - yet they had to cut our line. Its all political bs. So I say since our neighborhood politicians are not doing anything for us - let's get rid of them.

  4. The MTA has royally screwed the people of Trump Village and Warbass who are unable to climb up the 4 stories to reach the Q, B, or F trains.

    The X-29 ran only 9 buses during the AM and PM rush hours.

    We are suffering greatly, Marty Golden sued the MTA and got back the X-28 and X-27 buses, why doesn't Mr. Kruger do the same for the X-29 Bus?