Friday, August 28, 2009

My reasons baseball is boring.

Here are the why we should not focus on baseball.

1. Most of the action is between the pitcher and catcher.
2. The pitcher usually initiates every play, (unless someone steals a base)
3. The games tend to become too long and most defensive fielders and baserunners do absolutely nothing if the ball isn't going toward them.
4. People fall asleep in games, (I saw this a lot when going to Yankee Stadium)
5. Most outdoor games are prone to having their games delayed or cancelled due to inclement weather.
6. If your favorite team starts bad, they're most likely going to do bad.
7. The scheduling of the games makes it difficult to keep up with the action.
8. This sport is full of silly superstitions.
9. This is the sport where referees make the most inaccurate calls.
10. Is baseball really an American pastime when only 33% of Americans really watching it?
11. This sport is known for some infamous streaks such as the year after year failures of the Chicago Cubs not winning the World Series, and the American League winning ever All Star game since 1996 (not including 2002 tie)
12. Some fans become way too enthusiastic and become rowdy to the point where they can't focus on anything else in their lives other than baseball.
13. Who cares about Earn Run Average, on base percentage, and the number of home runs a player hits, those don't carry onto next season so you might as well leave your brain at home if you don't feel like doing math while observing baseball.
14. The games are too expensive (Yankees and Mets have the worst ticket prices in the majors today) especially if the team isn't doing so well.
15. Baseball is not a religion so you shouldn't treat it that way, unfortunately some fans still do...
16. Players are paid as much as $100 millon to do great and later blow up when the moments count, what a ripoff!
17. Most professional sports that have at least 30 clubs send at least 12, while MLB sends only 8 which makes it harder for more deserving teams to make the post season.
18. If a pitcher is the spotlight of the game, why can't he finish what he started?
19. Hitting is the most exciting part of the game, and if that doesn't happen, I'm going to bed.
20. The food in addition to ticket prices is way too expensive for my budget, and to make things worse, I can't sneak outside food into venues.

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