Thursday, August 13, 2009

Two new sports coming in 2016

I'm thinking seven years ahead, as of when the 2016 Summer Olympic Games will have. It looks like Golf and Rugby are the front runners of the two vacant sporting event slots left by the removal of baseball and softball, leaving after the 2008 Games. I don't watch Golf frequently, and I don't know much about Rugby either. Honestly, I think baseball/softball are way more popular spectator sports than those two combined. IOC took out softball because the Americans dominated the sport? I think that statement is just BS. If that's the case the IOC might as well take out basketball, swimming, and track and field too.

Baseball reps as well as the softball speakers are going to discuss in this ever growing debate of which two sports will make it to the 2016 games. Clinics are going around the world in order to prove that baseball and softball have grown as a worldwide sport. Promotions have been taking place as well to increase interest on baseball and softball.

I keep wondering, what was the IOC thinking when they voted out baseball and softball? Were certain nations too dominant such as the Americans, or was it not global enough? While we'll neve know the answer, we do know this, the dreams of a lot of would be olympians have been broken because the supreme powers of the IOC have decided that baseball/softball was not a global sport, that there was a global imbalance in those sports.

We'll have to wait until October of this year to see which two sports made the 2016 cut. Baseball and Softball will need to do a better job convincing the IOC that those sports have grown globally.

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