Sunday, August 9, 2009

Subway Car fleets as of August 2009

uses R62A
uses R142 and sometimes R142A
uses R62 and sometimes R62A
uses R142 and R142A cars with some appearances of the R62
uses R142, with an occasional appearance of a R142A
uses R142A
uses R62A cars
uses R62A cars

uses R32, R44, and R46
uses R68 and R68A
uses only R32
uses R68 and sometimes R68A
uses R160A and R160B cars
uses R46, R160A, and R160B subway cars
uses mainly R46, and some of the 's fleet during construction.
uses R32, R40M, R42 and R46 cars
Rockaway Park Shuttle uses four R44 cars, eight during the summer.

uses R42 and R160A
uses R143 and R160A
uses R160A
uses R160A and R160B.
uses R68, R68A, R160A and R160B
uses R32, R40M, R42, and R46 cars.
uses two R68 subway cars,for their trains in the Franklin Avenue Shuttle
uses R160A and R160B
uses R42 and R160A car series

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