Thursday, August 13, 2009

R160 on the R train?

This will be a short entry, I really don't have much detail to it right now. From what I'm hearing, there's a R160 train set on line as of today. Remember this is not confirmed yet, but line riders should be prepared for a train of R160s to roll out in the Fall of 2009. The line usually has R40M, R42 and R46 cars. Most recently the lines have updated their announcements and now the line is getting the cars. Not surprising that the just recently used the R160s during reroutes going to 179th Street on the line due to construction.

line customers would sure welcome the new R160 trains considering that the line has been rated amongst the dirtiest subway lines in NYC. It might change eventually, but hopefully the R160s on the line will make the line cleaner.

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