Sunday, March 7, 2010

Jennie Finch documentary and her friends

Jennie Finch of the NPF's Chicago Bandits (pitcher/first baseman) and a member of Team USA will have a documentary coming out soon, which is produced by MTV. So far this is an ongoing project that is currently rolling. No release date has been announced yet. However here is my scouting report on her best friends that will be featured on this documentary.

  1. Brianna Glenn- Brianna is a track and fiend runner who specializes in the long jump. She has failed to make the 2008 US Olympic team, due to injury. She is currently traveling around the world. She will try to make the summer Olympic team again in 2012.
  2. Bianca Juarez- Bianca is a teacher a preacher who believes in God and will do nothing but spread the word out. She generally makes speaking arrangements to give faith and to guide others in need.
  3. Jasmine Star- A twin sister of Bianca, she is a professional photographer who specializes in photographing weddings. She is amongst the most popular photographers based out of California. Wedding photography is her profession.
I believe the documentary will focus on a variety of topics
  1. High School in La Miranda California
  2. Her softball career in the University of Arizona. Jennie does have 50 home runs in her career and has amassed over 1,000 strike outs, and 100 career victories in her tenure at Arizona. Her number 27 has been retired by that University
  3. Her USA Softball team career. She has won two Olympic Medals one gold in 2004 in the victory against Austrailia, and a Silver medal win against Japan in 2008.
  4. The attempt to bring back softball back in the Olympic Program, it has been knocked out of the 2016 games in Rio.
If you are looking for more information, I suggest you go read their blogs, and check out their blogs too while you are at it.

My So Called Fabulous Life by Brianna Glenn

In the Name of Love by Bianca Juarez

Jasmine Star Blog

If you are reading this from, I can give you facebook fan pages for the corresponding blogs. These pros are looking for new feedback and new readers!

In the Name of Love

Jasmine Star

Jennie Finch has a fan page too:

Jennie Finch

Again, be on the lookout!

Thanks for reading, I write this because I find these bloggers and friends rather interesting, Trust me you might learn a thing or two from these blog writers. They really write blog entries that are worth reading!

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  1. I love Jennie Finch and softball and look forward to watching her documentary.