Saturday, March 27, 2010

My message to those who choose to trash talk about transit workers.
Bus operators, rapid transit train operators/conductors, and railroad engineers and conductors work around the clock to take you from one place to another. For you to say that they are half-assed, that is just wrong! You should be ashamed of yourselves! I am a loyal customer to MTA New York, usually riding the services of New York City Transit and MTA Bus Company and I have to say that they have the best transit services you can ever ask. Those of you who trash-talk about transportation workers, you have absolutely no idea the hard work these people put into everyday in making subways, buses, and railroads work and run efficiently every day. You have to bear in mind that things cause them not to run normally, and you should be forgiving to those subway/bus/railroad operators and engineers who can't take you to your destination in time due to unforeseen circumstances.

To be quite honest with you, the bus operators who move buses, the subway train operators and conductors who move the subways, and the railroad engineers and conductors who are moving the railroads are seriously underpaid to do their jobs. I don't think they get enough respect they deserve. I think it's time to say thank you to what I call them "the driving forces of the city." Without them, we wouldn't be going to our destinations, in big numbers. I do have friends who operate buses and subway trains every day and just wondering the hardships these workers have to go through. I think about the subway train crew every time I ride their subway train, I think of the bus operator every time I ride his or her bus, because I want him or her to be in good spirits and I want them to know they have supporters from their commuters.

These workers are human beings just like us and it's unfair and shameful that some of us don't even this way. We only think about where we want to go. Why not think of those transit personnel moving you instead. Try stepping onto their shoes and see how you would feel if you were operating a subway train, engineering a railroad train, or operating a bus. How would you feel if you weren't getting enough respect? You'd be angry too. Some bus and subway train operators and railroad engineers recently had nightmarish experiences too.

For Example:
  1. A bus operator accidentally kills a bicycle rider in the Bronx after the biker avoids a car opening up close, unfortunately into the path of the bus. The Bus operator has to live with this experience with a long time. Horrible
  2. A train operator on the 6 line tries desperately to decelerate his train in time to avoid hitting a woman in the tracks. She dies in the impact. Train operator is off three days and is having sleepless nights!

I honestly think it's the commuters' fault that the MTA New York is messed up these days. Some of them lack common-sense these days with their daredevil stunts, their decision to jump the turnstile or hop on back of the bus when they are not supposed to, or not paying enough money on the bus. Give me a break! Who are you kidding!? For you to say that MTA New York is half assed, that's your fault, not the transit operators, and conductors!

I am sick and tired of hearing people that the MTA New York is corrupt. If you don't like their services, go drive your own car to your destination or hop on a taxi. Remember in a city like New York, you have several options of getting around the city. If the MTA New York isn't one of them go find other ways. Go have your friends or family drive you around. Go get yourself a skateboard or bicycle and move around with it. At least when you are biking you won't be sharing your rides with anyone else.

Station Booth Clerks don't get enough respect these days either. They have to deal with the wildness of these commuters, who bark at them for being lazy and rude. Do you want to know why transit workers are rude, it's because of you passengers. You are giving them the hard time. How, you may ask? You take your frustrations at them and you talk with a bad attitude. I don't give a thing what you are frustrated with (missing your train, running late, your fare card not working properly, etc) Stop being rude to them, they are human beings. Same thing with bus, subway, and railroad personnel.

Stop treating the buses and subways like they are your personal space and keep it clean, Don't bring in food and drinks and start making a mess. This is why train cars and buses are dirty, because the commuters make such a big mess. The station cleaners and bus maintainers are not your maids, so you should be cleaning up after yourselves. You shouldn't be eating in the subway or railroad or buses anyways, they are not your personal RVs!

Please understand that bus and subway/railroad personnel have a lot of things to go through when they operate and conduct buses, subways and railroads.

For the buses:
  1. Traffic Jams
  2. Construction detours
  3. Pedestrians
  4. Selfish driving, (for example double parked cars or cars constantly moving from one lane to the next and back)
  5. Traffic lights
  6. Running under elevated bridges
  7. Difficulties in making bus stops due to parked cars.
  8. Wheelchair lift use
For the Subway/Railroad:
  1. Train traffic
  2. Construction reroutes
  3. Track switches
  4. Rail Conditions
  5. Acceleration,deceleration
  6. People blocking the doors
  7. Making station announcements
Some commuters are guilty of making commutes more difficult for everyone by:
  1. Loud Cell phone talk
  2. Radio playing
  3. Playing music instruments or singing when not allowed
  4. Begging for money
  5. Eating food and drinking beverages
  6. Not giving a seat to others such as elderly, disabled, and or pregnant woman.
  7. Holding bus and train doors
  8. Not paying the bus fare in time in the bus.
  9. Jumping the turnstile in the subway, entering the railroad train without a ticket, and hoping on the back of the bus when unauthorized.
  10. Beating the fare on the subway through the emergency exit gates

At the end of the day, if you think MTA New York is bad, think again. I see this as the fault of the commuters. Do us a favor and stop whining about how slow your buses and subways and railroads are okay.

You know what you should be doing?

  1. When you are boarding a bus, say hello to the bus operator. He or she will respond politely. Say thank you and good bye when you leave his or her bus. Better yet, make friends with the bus operators. I currently have seven bus operators as friends.
  2. When you board the subway train in the first car, say hello to the train operator, (especially when you are entering at the first station of the line) When you board the middle car, say hello to the conductor. Make friends with the train crew. (you do not have to but it would be nice) Say thank you and good bye when you leave their train.
  3. Same rule in number 2 applies to railroads except that conductors walk through trains. Say thank you when they punched your ticket as proof of purchase. Make friends with them too.
  4. Say hello to the station booth clerks before making a transaction with them. When you leave, say your farewells to them. Be polite. When you are having a bad day or in a hurry, be patient and don't take your frustrations at the station booth clerks. Same goes with other transit personnel.
  5. Please be understanding and patient if transit employees take their frustrations and act rude toward you. Do not take it personally. Lots of times, people have this wrong impression that transit employees are rude. That is wrong. They are just having some hard days just like you are. Forgive them and move on.
  6. Mass Transit employees can be your best friends or your worst enemies. It's up to you on how you treat them.
In conclusion, stop:
  1. Accusing transit personnel of being lazy. They work hard around the clock 24/7!
  2. Making excuses on not paying your fare in full on time on the bus.
  3. Beating the fare and pay your fair share!
  4. Taking your frustrations at transit personnel.
  5. Blaming Mass Transit on being late to school, work etc. That is all on you!

I am done with this post. This doesn't just apply to New York City, this applies all over the world with mass transit and transportation services.


  1. yes, commuters are jackasses. they think they can do what they want in the mass transit system and always accuse workers of wrongdoing when everything is their fault. stop holding train doors, please pay the fare, and never act like you are all that.

  2. I always say hello and thank you every time I enter and leave a bus. :)

  3. Plus they are amongst the most hardworking people in New York City, and they don't get enough credit these days. They are underpaid too. I do agree with your statements as well. Bus Operators, station agents, subway train conductors, have to deal with this nonsense from commuters on a daily basis.

  4. Awww, thanks!!! XD
    I always wonder how stressful their day at work must be....I'd go ballistic at annoying customers.

  5. Trust me, these bus operators have a lot to deal with, from people not paying their fare on time to people making a lot of noise. You need a lot of patience to operate a bus, subway train or engineer a railroad. That's what I call, taking it for the city.

  6. Definitely. I wouldn't be able to do it. I don't have patience for stupid people. I give them a lot of credit.

  7. Don't forget, they have union and benefits. :3

    Though I do admire the bus drivers (As there are always THOSE PEOPLE that want nothing more than to start an argument.); I don't feel the same way with train conductors. You can't really speak to them and they're locked behind protective doors.

    Bus drivers are protected by a pole and they do try to do their best. I know for sure I would go ballistic if someone took their SWEET time unprepared metrocards and there are several other people waiting.

  8. I've seen bus operators (or drivers) go ballistic over passengers not paying their fare on time, (with a fare card or exact change). Other operators wouldn't let passengers board at all if their fare wasn't paid on time. They are trained while operating to avoid conflicts with passengers who forget to pay their fare on time.

    I can remember one case where a bus operator allowed a passenger to board with a invalid MetroCard on the B46 bus two years ago at a stop in Bed-Stuy. The passenger demanded a transfer, bus operator says no, an the passenger punches the operator in the face twice and stabs him moments later. Bus driver dies from his injuries. All this over a transfer refusal. The killer is in jail now.

    About subway train conductors, you can chat with them outside of the train, as long as they don't move for a while or if he or she has his cab door open, and same with the train operator. ... See More

    That's all I'll say.