Friday, March 12, 2010

Profanity Filter


I'll admit it. I do have moments where one swear word slips out here and there. But hearing it and seeing it knowing how polite I am, it's really annoying. I hear in people's conversations, I hear it in commutes, I see it in internet chat rooms. It's really annoying. I think it is the time that social networking sites activate profanity filters so that offensive words don't come across the windows and forms. I would really like chatting with people where profanity doesn't fly around, like people taking like frustrated sailors.

I like to keep conversations polite. Swear words just break it all up. You know, would you talk to your young children and have them say your swear words!? No, that's impolite. I used to cuss when I was young and I got in trouble in school just for that. In 2nd Grade.

While we can't completely eliminate swearing from the internet, not like that is going to happen because of our 1st amendment rights, we can do something about it.

If and AIM and other social networking websites would like to be more kid-friendly, profanity filters are a must.

How would profanity filters work?
  1. Turning the swear words into #$%^&^%&%^
  2. Turning them into *******
  3. Or just eliminating them completely

Facebook and other sites shall try other things:
  1. Penalize users for using swear words by counting each instance
  2. If they use too many profanity words and images they'll have their profiles restricted.
  3. Their abilities to post will be limited
  4. Their profiles will be disabled.
  5. Finally if profanity continues they'll be banned.
Swear words I understand can be used when a person is angry, but there are better terms.
  1. Replace the word with a polite one.
  2. Don't use the word.
  3. Don't have anything nice to say, don't say it.
That is all I can think of now.


  1. with profanity filters come people who will go around them or accidently type in words that weren't curse words to begin with.

    Example: "I was fletching yesterday."

    Fletching means to make arrows and is usually a game term.... See More

    With a profanity filter it'll look like this:

    "I was ********* yesterday."

    Which looks like something TOTALLY OFF.

    If profanity filters are to be installed, then facebook has to keep it updated and reasonable.

  2. What about in the way terms are used:

    Example: "Individually, we are but little sticks, but together we can become a mighty faggot!"


  3. What about in the way terms are used:

    Example: "Individually, we are but little sticks, but together we can become a mighty faggot!"


  4. I agree, you do have a point right there. Fletching is a curse word?

    A reasonable approach would be needed. I might go tell the administrators about that today.

    "Individually, we are but little sticks, but together we can become a mighty $%#^&#!"

    That's a little too crude, don't you think. Sorry I just had to bleep that out.

  5. I'm just using 'fletching' as an example because this is an uncommon word and (to be honest, when I first heard of it, I thought it was something else. xDDD)

  6. Yeah, I never heard of that term. Thank you, I have learned something new.

  7. That sounds crude, yes but that is the real definition of the word; in that sentence, i"m not using it as a way to curse but by it's original meaning.

  8. I see that. The actual reason I wrote this blog entry is because people constantly use profanity, and I mean a lot of it and it gets to the point where it's offensive and insulting. I've seen obscene gestures such as "the finger" (I am not telling you which finger) in their images. I'm like "Come on now!"

    I think it's a matter of self-restraint.

  9. Well... it's facebook, what do you expect? xD

    Seriously though. Although it is your profile, it is still on the internet. You are hidden through the safety of a screen and a keyboard so sometimes we feel bolder and say things we certainly won't say in person.

    Call it a false sense of superiority or what not, there are some people who just post curses as to let out fustration. After a long day or after a terrible event, the interet just so happens to be available.... See More

    I agree, there needs to be self-restraint but sometimes, (speaking from experience), their temper will get the best of them.

  10. I do like the idea of a profanity filter, facebook should have an option perhaps: as to unblock profanity or so. Some people may or may not use it but it is still a choice.

  11. Matthew you just became a Dear So and So letter on my blog. Check the update on the post.

  12. I am so with you Matthew!

    I admit I do say a few "bad" words once in a while, but on the whole I don't. I *really* try not to around my kids...

  13. Angie, be careful, you shouldn't be saying those things near your children. I understand your position. Thanks for your support.