Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Select Bus Service

Select bus service (a form of bus rapid transit) is a bus service that has the characteristics of a bus service that is similar to the subways and the railroads. Here are some interesting characteristics of this bus service
  1. You must pay before you board the bus, via the fare machine at the bus station.
  2. You can board via the front and rear doors.
  3. There will be dedicated bus lanes to speed up the bus service.
  4. Buses will receive special priority with traffic signals.
  5. Free transfers can be made (only if you board the front of the bus and request a transfer from the bus operator)
  6. You must board at the stop within one hour.
  7. All receipts obtained from the machine must be displayed to fare inspectors, or face a $100 fine.
There is currently one such service in the Bronx, the Bx12, running along Fordham Road and Pelham Parkway between Inwood in Manhattan and Pelham Bay Park or Bay Plaza in the Bronx.

Two other routes, the M15 in Manhattan and the B44 will get this service later this year.

For more information go here.
Thanks for reading, and enjoy your ride with New York City Transit and MTA Bus Company.

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  1. i agree with some of these cuts. it is pointless to have buses that only operate 3 trips a day or have low ridership. i think cutting student metrocards will teach them a lesson about paying to ride the subway because they frequently jump turnstiles or board on the back of the buses. those free rides have spoiled them a lot. everyday new yorkers, not the MTA, are the ones really at fault for these cuts.