Sunday, March 14, 2010

Profanity Filter Part Two

I think now is the time that a profanity filter should be implemented. After all, some social networking sites do not allow these objects to be posted.

  1. Nude or racy photos of people
  2. Obscene gestures and or images
  3. Links to sexually explicit websites
  4. Links to sites that look suspicious
Now this is why I am calling for a profanity filter. I've written a post about it just two days earlier. My reasons.

  1. I feel that profanity is used excessively in general here.
  2. I feel that users tend to be more intimidating with those terms.
  3. I do think that the websites are becoming more dangerous in general if these terms are allowed to fly around chat rooms and social networking sites.
  4. When "flame wars" and cyber-bullying happen, the vulgarity becomes worse and this even leads to real-life criminal activity.
  5. I think it's not fair for the users who are usually polite to have them subjected to vulgarity, especially if it's not warranted.
  6. Profanity filters are necessary because there are young users on sites who look for information, they don't need to be reading all these vulgar words and learning them. I know, it's in movies and TV shows though.
  7. The title of your blog or photo album has a swear word, really? That's just insane.
  8. It tells that the person is just not a polite one, period.
  9. Some people become offended, everyday. I don't think they need to be offended anymore online.
  10. Swear words can be used as insults too.
Now how shall the profanity filter be implemented?

  1. Considering free speech, I think it's up to the user if he or she wants the swear words to be censored or not.
  2. The level of which the profanity becomes bleeped can be divided into these categories, light, moderate, or frequent, or all times.
  3. Profanity Filter can be controlled by a user and he can enter terms or words that he/she does not want to see.
  4. This profanity filter will be mandatory and by default all profanity will be bleeped out unless he or she changes the profanity filter options.

Like all proposals, there will be drawbacks. Here are some:

  1. Certain words such as glass, molasses, assassination, embarrass may have their world altered because they contain the sequence "ass"
  2. Users may find ways to go around the filters and enter the word twice with no space. The Filters can not pick up on this, though.
  3. The word may be split into separate letters separated by space. This can still go through.
  4. Profanity Filters may bleep out other terms such as "manuscript" because it has the word "anus" on it.
  5. How the terms are bleeped may not be as consistent.
At the end of the day, I think it will work. I think it's up to the administrators of these sites to implement them with little or no problem at all. I hope it goes through, just for the sake for the ones who use little-or no profanity at all.

If you agree with me, thanks, if not, then go ahead and tell me why.


  1. Images might be too much--

    What I mean: Facebook can't possibly check every single image; unless facebook must approve of the images first before they are publicized.

    This might back up facebook servers.... See More

    What we already have: A report button. Uploading pornographic photos is against facebook terms anyway. :/

  2. *You really go around reporting images?*

  3. I'm a very polite person but I still use s***, f***, asshole, etc..whenever I see fit. It's part of being in a wonderful country with freedom of speech.

  4. good job in reporting those images. there are some sights where these images are now allowed, but they appear very frequently for reasons i do not know. to me, the profanity filter may not always work for reasons you explained, not to mention people swear all the time everywhere i go. i know it is rude, but there is just no way to control it.