Monday, March 22, 2010

The Ugly Truths of the USA

While the United States of America is one of the most advanced nations of the world, they are however have some ugly truths to them.

  1. The US academic performance in education is amongst the lowest in the world. Some students usually get their science and history facts wrong. About 1.2 million high school children are dropping out of school. Another 1 million are left back each year.
  2. The US has the most deaths by gun violence. About 10,000 people each year die from gun shot wounds.
  3. The United States is the leader in releasing toxic gases and contributing to the pollution of the environment.
  4. The United States government in recent years has been rocked by corruption, leading to removal or resignations of politicians.
  5. The wealth gap between the rich and poor has continued to rise over the last several years. About only 1% of Americans actually make over one million dollars or more a year.
  6. The "Middle Class" has shrunk over the last few years.
  7. Most products are imported from other nations, and less products are made in the USA, meaning less jobs in the US.
  8. Gang violence is rampant in the United States.
  9. Jobs are hard to come these days, as the unemployment rate is around 10%
  10. The United States has no official language.
  11. The United States lead a war in Iraq that seems never ending.
  12. The United States dropped the most explosives at other nations, for example, dropping two atomic bombs in Japan to end World War Two.
  13. The US leads the world in rape and sexual assaults.
  14. The United States has a problem with obesity.
  15. The US gives the least products to other nations, because they get theirs from others.
  16. The US' problems with racism and discrimination continue to this day.
  17. The United States is having problems with homelessness.
  18. About 15% of the USA Population are living in poverty.
  19. Domestic violence is another big issue in the United States.
  20. Police Brutality is a problem with the US Law Enforcement.
  21. The American Army has been accused of inhumane treatment of prisoners.
  22. The United States rule of the Death Penalty has killed the most prisoners.
  23. The Meat packing industry is amongst the worst jobs in the US.
  24. The Prison system is the worst in the world.
  25. Obtaining Health Insurance is amongst the hardest tasks by American Citizens (right before a recent change in Congress was made)
These are the ugly truths of the USA, I know this sounds like I am not a proud American, I am, but we have to realize the truths sooner or later, and learn to fix them.

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  1. yes, all of these problems exist in America, especially racism and discriminination. i have experienced that lately and it offends me that people hate or reject others just because of their skin color, gender, status, etc. despite strong civil rights movements in the past. technology brings the worst in everyone and we may soon be the worst country on earth.