Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My thoughts about the service cuts by MTA New York

I understand that people are unhappy about the service cuts by New York City Transit, MTA Bus Company, Long Island Railroad, and Metro North Railroad. I understand that some of you will have harder commutes. Here's my take.

The Media always points MTA New York as the bad guys. Transit workers are condemned every day. They are portrayed as the bad guys. I have something to say to the Media. You are wrong for saying that the workers are not giving enough efforts in providing bus/subway/railroad service. Come on now, are you kidding me?! I'm not hurt too much by the cuts, however if you are, please do us a favor:
  1. Do not take your anger on the bus operators, subway train operator/conductor, and railroad engineer/conductor, and station booth clerks. They don't like the cuts either, and some of you aren't thinking that way. They don't want to lose their jobs too.
  2. Station booth clerks are vital to the subway/railroad systems. They are portrayed as the lazy bums that do nothing. YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY WRONG! They help customers go to their destinations by providing maps, timetables, and directions.
  3. Bus Operators do their best to take you from one place to the next. Please pay your fare on time, in coins or with a transfer or your transit card.
  4. Please don't talk too loud, especially if you are near the bus operator, subway train operator/conductor, or railroad engineer/conductor. You are interfering their operations and their duties. In some cases the train and bus operators can give you a warning.
I will agree on one thing, MTA New York's management isn't as organized as they should be, does that mean they stink at what they do, absolutely not. It's not fair that transit workers are feeling the wrath of the customers, the customers should be expressing their anger and frustration at the management, not the operators, conductors, engineers, and station booth clerks.

Now about the cuts, New York City Transit is removing services that fit the following criteria:
  1. Bus service that duplicates the subway.
  2. Subway routes that have easier alternatives.
  3. Bus routes that have low ridership
  4. Bus routes that do not perform like they should be.
MTA New York did not want to cut service at all (believe me, they have tried several ways to preserve all services, but they can't, due to a budget shortfall.)

Here are the leading causes of the MTA New York's revenue loses
  1. Emergency exit gate illegal entries into the subway
  2. Passengers entering the rear door of the bus when not allowed.
  3. Passengers jumping the turnstile (costs MTA $27 million a year)
  4. MetroCard Scams
  5. Select Bus Service's infrequent fare checks has allowed people to ride Bus Rapid Transit buses in the Bronx for "free". These riders didn't even pay the fare.
The slashing of station booth clerks will lead to the following:
  1. Robbery
  2. Metro Card Scams
  3. Fare beating
  4. Less help in how to get around
  5. Reduced changes for seeking help when a crime starts
Station Booth Clerks are a necessity to help keep these crimes down. If they are as lazy as you make them to be, then you are OUT OF YOUR MIND!

Here's a list of the cuts, beginning with the NYC Subway:

1. Reduce Weekend Train Frequencies to Accommodate Construction Work

2. Revise Off-Peak Service Levels – Change Maximum Loading Guideline from No Standees
Per Car to 10-18 Standees per Car (from 100% of a Seated Load to 125% of a Seated

3. Operate (G) Between Court Square and Church Avenue at All Times

4. Extend (Q) to Astoria and Operate (N) Local North of Canal Street to Replace the (W)

5. Extend (M) to Replace the (V) Between Broadway-Lafayette Street and Forest Hills-71st
Avenue, Discontinue M Between Essex Street and Bay Parkway (Note: route letter
designation changed from 1/27/10 proposal).

6. Discontinue Staten Island Railway Baseball Special Service

These buses will be cut completely:
First the Express ones
  1. X25 service between Grand Central and Lower Manhattan
  2. X32 service between Queens and the Bronx High School of Science
  3. X20 service between Staten Island and Lower Manhattan
  4. X18 service between Staten Island and Lower Manhattan
  5. X16 service between Staten Island and Lower Manhattan
  6. X29 service between Brooklyn and both Lower and Midtown Manhattan
  7. X51 service between Queens and Midtown Manhattan
  8. X90 service between the Upper East Side and Lower Manhattan
The Local ones:
  1. Discontinue all B23 service
  2. B39 service
  3. B51 service
  4. M18 service
  5. M27 service
  6. M30 service
  7. M50 service
  8. Q26 service
  9. Q31 service
  10. Q42
  11. Q74
  12. Q75
  13. Q79
  14. S67 service
For more info please go to this proposal.

That is my post for now.

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