Friday, February 12, 2010

The aftermath of the storm

The storm that has hit Brooklyn, New York and the rest of New York City and the region has subsided. On my way to classes I decided to ride the B train headed towards Manhattan from the Brighton Beach section of Brooklyn. The snow is still bright white the day after. However the conditions have made it slippery and people's feet are wet. Of course if you aren't wearing boots, just somehow and someway, your feet are bound to become wet from all that slush formed by the melted snow puddles in the sidewalk.

Transportation in New York City has returned to normal. The subways and buses, (NYCT, Bus Comp, and Long Island Bus) were running on or close to schedule. Some snowplows and garbage trucks were still removing and setting aside some snow that had struck the streets a day earlier.

Here are some photos.

I am entering the subway station in Brighton Beach and boarding the B train using R68 cars. This is along the Brighton Line.

Next up is the boarding of the train.

Soon enough, the B train leaves for Manhattan. I decided to snapshot some photographs along the elevated section. The tracks are still covered in snow.

Here comes Sheepshead Bay.

And we are leaving that neighborhood, only sticking there for about 20 seconds. Another Brighton bound B train passes us by.

The covered tracks at Cortelyou Road.
That is all for the B train.

Later in the day, I would take the F train bound to Coney Island coming from Manhattan. Snow is everywhere still. I am traveling along the Culver Line, passing the neighborhoods of Borough Park, Midwood, Gravesand, and Coney Island.

Now just waiting for the bus after leaving the F train at Neptune Avenue.

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  1. Your pictures are outstanding. I love your train series.