Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The winter storm of 2010 part 2

I have just completed my walk in my neighborhood and I'll tell you it's really treacherous out there. Buses and subways are being affected in NYC big time. The snow still hits hard. Here are some of my other photos from today's events.

The streets along Brooklyn, well actually Brighton Beach were a bit hard to navigate around with...

A person blows the snow away along Brighton 6 Street.

My walk towards the boardwalk is adventurous.

I am looking around the boardwalk. It is bright white and the sky is dark.

I am looking south towards the ocean.

This is looking west. Hardly anyone is walking around here.
The boardwalk restaurants are closed.

I found this quite interesting.

And here's a team of snow enthusiasts.

That is all from the boardwalk. Time to get off.

Just walking down the street. The snow has piled on big time, but the buses still run.

That is it for this trip. I hope you are warm if you are in the northeast. If you are reading this from California, Florida, or anywhere else that's not affected by the snowstorm, I hope you're safe and sound too.


  1. Those are some really awesome pictures. I just took a few and will be posting them up soon. What type of camera are you using?

  2. I am using a Vivitar ViviCam 3815 camera. It's not the best camera I have but it does take decent photographs. I might consider getting myself a better camera soon.

  3. Isn't it funny that the busses always seem to run, even on clearly
    nasty days like today?
    Love the snowman, and I would be the fool doing BBQ outside on a day
    like today to get my mindset to warm weather and tropical scenes.
    But I would not be out there in shorts with zinc oxide on my
    nose.......I promise!
    Great pictures again, and hopefully a warming trend is heading your
    direction so we can get the streets clear for people to practice
    stickball before pitchers and catcher report next week.

  4. awesome pics! eerily similiar to the scene here in WV. it is so
    beautiful to look at.

  5. wow,it looks very cold and lonely with all that snow.The pics with trees and snow or ice on them seem to be the ones I like the best.They are all great pics,stay warm and sending you some sunshine from Cali!

  6. Some great pictures of snowy NY. We have plenty of snow in Ohio, too. Can't wait for spring! Thanks for following, now I'm following you.

  7. Thanks for the warm wishes, Monica. The snow will melt off eventually.

    Darlene, the snow is in Ohio too, I heard, I hope the snow melts away quickly too.