Thursday, February 18, 2010

A visual difference between Baseball and Softball.

I would like to show you some baseballs that I have lying around. There are four baseballs that are lying around, however one of them does not fit in. You'll see them in these images. They are all white and have red seams.

Some baseball caps are lying around, I know.

Actually one of the baseballs is clearly labeled a "softball" which makes it a softball.

Here's an added bonus, a Major League Baseball in a cube!

There's the baseball and softball.

What these two objects have in common is that they are both made of cowhide and they have red seams. They have a cork center to it. The baseball is nine inches in diameter while the softball is twelve inches in diameter. The softball I believe is less dense than a baseball. However, according to studies, the softball generates more force than a baseball, because they are thrown at different angles. Softballs are thrown underhand, while baseball is thrown overhand, underhand or both. Just to let you know, softballs are generally colored light green, however this softball was white so it looked like a bigger sized baseball. At least that is what people's first impressions are when they see a softball, just a big baseball.


  1. Learned something new - I just thought they were bigger! LOL

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  3. Just because a softball is bigger than a baseball, it doesn't generally mean that the ball is much easier to hit, because the softballs are bigger, the way they are thrown in a windmill motion and less distance from a softball circle than a baseball mound, batters have less time to react, to hitting a softball pitch than a baseball pitch.

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