Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Friends today and years past

Friends are a great way to communicate and they are helpful for everyone around the world. They try their best to help solve each other problems and they share common interests and purposes. They are there when you need them, and you are there when they need you.

However my days in high school, friends have come an gone. I still have some high school friends that I am happy to socialize with, play sports with, and just do some fun activities together. I don't know what else comes to mind with friends because right now, they're busy improving their school work and their grades have been shoddy as of late (unfortunately I have fallen into that same impediment as well)

I go to school and I have to try to make new buddies, every school semester. It is really hectic sometimes because trying to communicate with them, I become really anxious. It's not the feeling you want to have. When I have done group work in classes, it generally doesn't run smooth because there is usually one or two people who are not doing their work or not paying their attention. Group work with friends (I'm not trying to offend anyone here, just saying) has been amongst the most unproductive part in the last few months. Not saying that the effort is not being put there by everyone, but there seems to be a lack of organization.

When I was in high school I was picked on by two kids names Sherman and Gary. I had no buddies to protect me at the time, but these two kept spitting profanites and insults at me. It sucked. When my buddies came, they protected me.

My first buddies, Vladimir and Michael became good buds. They still are today, although one of them isn't living in my neighborhood anymore. Even though I have made some mistakes, (some really bad silly ones) they have taught me these several things:

1. Focus
2. Have Confidence
3. Be happy
4. Have good self-esteem
5. Be active
6. Exercise
7. Study hard
8. Set realistic expectations
9. Be a leader.

I know some of my buddies are having careers. Some are even playing professional sports, like basketball.

It's great to have friends and there are usually ups and downs.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Well said... I agree with you, group work can be an arduous process when people are not paying attention. And yes, good friends can teach you a lot!