Monday, February 8, 2010

Remembering the old days in NYC

I took a boat trip in the summer of 2002 going on a tour of Lower Manhattan.

I'm riding the boat, looking at the World Financial Center. One World Financial Center is to the far right. 2 WFC has a dome roof, 3 WFC has a triangular roof, and 4 WFC is standing in front of 3 WFC.

This is the Lower Manhattan Skyline, June 2002.

Here's the Statue of Liberty.
I am standing in front, with the maroon shirt. Those were the days. The upper crown of the statue was closed for a long time, it has reopened this year.


  1. Beautiful pictures, Matt. Thanks. I love your posts.

  2. Matt:

    great pictures.

    The WTC was so big in that one picture.

    I swear I couldn't see the top of it.

    I feel so bad for all that died in that tragic event.

    I hope you keep blogging like this.

    Love it here. =)

    Great job Matt.

    Stop by anytime//

  3. Matt,
    you always have such beautiful pictures. Very nice tribute. My first trip to New York, we stayed so close to those towers. I will always have such fond memories of that trip

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    What a sad day in our history that this was. It will be remembered forever. New York was the city that got America back on its feet though. And it did that through our national pastime.

  5. Great pics Matt...and a nice tribute...
    and baseball, was a good series this weekend with the Phillies...

  6. Great post, one of the saddest days i have ever been apart of or have witnessed. Even though it's Sept 14, 2009, My thoughts and prayers still go out to those who have lost loved ones. And of course my thoughts and prayers go out to those who are in the Military.

  7. Matt:

    my thoughts and prayers go out to everyone that lossed.

    There was a story that a guy's wife died,

    and he kept her clothes and belongings that he found and put them in a museum.

    Its a great way to remember a special person. =)

    and those that ended up trying to save other lives that died themselves, you are the brave ones!

    That just shows how great our country is!!

    Ted's Take