Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Baseball caps

Baseball caps are amongst the most popular types of hats around. While baseball players, (softball players too) wear caps, the fans can also wear the exact same ones the pros are wearing. The caps keeps the players warm in cold weather, while cool in warm weather, and they shield the players from bright lights and sunlight.

There are several variations of the baseball caps.

The most popular one is the cap with the adjustable back, either a plastic buttoning, or belt. There is also the fitted ones, baseball players wear during their games.

While you can wear either cap, the advantage of an adjustable cap is that you can change how your cap fits. With fitted caps, you have a set size and it has a defined shape, unlike the adjustable caps.

MLB caps were made of wool for the last few decades. Starting in 2007, the cap underwent a change and they were made of polyester instead.

The wool caps had a light gray undervisor and a white sweatband. The polyester caps now have both a black sweatband and undervisor to reduce glare from bright light.

While baseball caps are usually meant to show support for a sports team, they can have logos from different events like comic heroes, or letters, and variation of symbols.

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