Sunday, February 14, 2010

My first ever bus photos...

I like buses a lot, they are really a cool way to get around. In New York City there are as much as 6,000 buses serving the New York City Region. They are provided by New York City Transit, Long Island Bus, and MTA Bus Company, which are all affiliates of the MTA serving the state of New York.

Here are some of the shots. The first two are from the upper East Side around Central Park in Manhattan. This bus is hybrid-electric powered.

These are from Brighton Beach section of Brooklyn. These buses are powered by compressed natural gas.

The next few are me taking a bus to class.
I am getting ready to board this new hybrid-electric powered bus.
I decided to take some photos of the inside as well.

Going home from class on another bus.

I had to wait for this ramp to go back inside. A wheelchair passenger was getting off the bus from the front. The ramp flips from the inside out so the wheelchair passenger can exit the bus. I went inside afterward.

Sometimes buses may be laying around the street while not in service. I managed to get a few shots of those too.

I hope you enjoyed this ride of the bus.


  1. Hi there. It's a pleasure to meet you. I also like the adventure of traveling on buses. You got some great pics there.

    Thanks for linking up with Friday Follow! I am now your blog follower. Happy Valentine’s Day!

    ~ Lynn

  2. Thanks for your compliment. I actually placed my blog on that list just last Friday. It's my first time doing it. Buses are amongst my most favorite things to photograph!

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  4. the NGs and DesignLine buses are ugly. i like the box shape of the Orion Vs better.