Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My bus ride in Brooklyn

I took two buses on my way to class. I just missed my northbound B68 bus along Coney Island Avenue and decided to hop on the next one. It looked like this
Next bus came and this is what it looked like.
I rode it and decided to take some photos of the interior. I am sitting on the rear section of this bus, which is higher than the front section of the C40 Low Floor bus.

I didn't disturb anyone so far on this bus. I guess nobody liked to sit on the back.

The five seats on the back, facing forward, the seats are so high, most people's feet don't even touch the ground.

I decided to move to the back where the "high back seats" were and sat on one of them and photograph some more.

Some buses traveled the opposite way, I decided to shoot some of them. The Semi-low floor C40LF.

Oh, a Orion V bus, with all high floors.

I finally get off at Avenue J.

Time for more bus photos!

I tried boarding this B6 bus using a RTS-06 model, but it was packed!

I finally get on the next B6 bus to Midwood. This bus would get packed quickly too.

And going to class, I took more bus shots! This is the B11 bus using a C40LF, going to Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

I hope you enjoyed the ride!


  1. Nice interior shots, they are looking good!

  2. Man, it looks so snowy there!!!!! I have actually never seen it snow,
    too bad. I know, one day, that I will be able to though!

  3. It looks very cold and snowy. I hope you were bundled up.

  4. Living in 'small-town' America, I forget about the hassles of public
    transportation. Thanks for the ride, Matt.