Sunday, February 7, 2010

Anti-Flaming policy

I know some of you are probably tired of me talking about the internet flame. After all it's freedom of speech, we are allowed to express our feelings and our thoughts, good or bad, we praise or criticize, we like or dislike, either way, it does have an effect.

There are ways internet sites have set up their anti-flaming or anti-hostility policies.

1. Profanity filters are set up to hide specific swear words. (sometimes with adverse effects, like Manuscript turns into M@#^$ript)
2. Administrators and moderators of sites do have the right to edit and delete comments and entries as deemed necessary if found to be offensive.
3. Rules of sites are set up so that users abide by them.
4. Sites may set limits as of certain actions users take such as adding friends or posting material.
5. Certain objects may be subjected to approvals before posting.
6. Files uploaded may be edited.
7. Customizing profiles may have certain limits.

I believe there's more than the ones I listed.
This is the fight for internet safety, it's really vital for everyone to have a safe and enjoyable internet experience.

Actually, this begins with you, user.

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