Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today is Sunday, February 14th and I would like to wish everyone a happy Valentine's day. How do I know this, well I had a few family members reminding me that today is the day. Although it is designated as a holiday, it isn't a national holiday so all services would run as normal such as mailing, transportation and schools.

Valentine's day celebrates friendships with love and affection, usually when two people are having a strong friendship. The colors red and pink tend to dominate this day. Happiness runs everywhere during this time of year, and everyone acts friends towards one another. That is how I have seen the past few Valentine's Days. Candy, especially chocolate is eaten frequently. There's more sweets given out during the day, and red roses are the best selling plants.

Greeting cards that celebrate Valentine's day are given out too. They're usually colored pink and red.

Some people may not like the day because they don't have a partner. No matter it is still a fun day. In my opinion, you don't need a partner to celebrate Valentine's day, just treat it as a normal day or just celebrate it with decorations.

I never had a personal Valentine of my own, but I don't let that bother me. I often like to eat those sweet chocolates out of those red boxes shaped in hearts, and with different variations, from just milk chocolate, to chocolate with cherries, caramel, peanuts, and almonds. (I hope no one is allergic to peanuts, almonds)

What else is going on this month?

Asian New Year is taking place. Also known as Chinese New Year. Lots of Asians celebrate this by having festivals such as parades and feasts. This is evident in neighborhoods that are dominated by Asians.

They are celebrated in nations such as China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Phillipines.

This was another reminder from a few of my Asian friends and I thank them for reminding me of such an event.

In sports:
The 2010 Winter Olympic Games are taking place in Vancouver, Canada. Currently, the United States is leading the medal count with four medals.

Figure Skating, Ice Hockey, and Skiing are amongst the sports you can see in the games. They are shown on NBC and their affiliate networks. The games end two weeks from today.

During this time, the National Hockey League season is on a hiatus while the winter games go on.

Oh another note:
This map was taken from If you think snow was enough from last week, well we're about to be hit with it again this week too. It's not going to be as big of a hassle as of last week, but I can assure you, the snow plows will be working day and night to make sure the snow won't accumulate as much.

The entire east cost of the United States will be hit with some sort of precipitation whether that would be rain or snow. I hope you have your umbrellas and raincoats ready because it's going to be another challenge commuting to and from work/school, and any other place you have to go.

Some of the images from last week's blizzard. This week, it won't be such a problem, however the snow hasn't melted all the way.

Stay warm, everyone, and Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Following from the Friday Follow! Hope to see you at soon!

  2. More snow on the way (actually already started here!) Woo Hoo.... *note sarcasm there* It's not all that bad when you don't have to drive anywhere... luckily I don't tomorrow!

    Happy Valentines Day to you! Hope you got to eat some of those yummy sweets!

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