Friday, February 5, 2010

My C++ Programs

Here are some samples of my C++ Programs. I am using Dev C++ a C++ Compiler.

By the way C++ is a programming language and it's amongst the most popular computer languages in the world.

The program I wrote is for a user to add three numbers and print the sum of all three numbers. The execution box is black and is in MS-DOS format. I know these images are small, however these are click-able so you can see their original size.

Here are three other screen shots. I have listed the number, it's square, it's square root, and it's fourth root in decimal form to two decimal places.

If you want to play with C++ you can download Dev C++ here:

Another compiler is CodeBlocks. Here is it's download link:

These are free, but do not hold me accountable once they hit your computer machine.

By the way, I am doing this for schoolwork too. After all I do study Computer Science in school.

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