Monday, January 25, 2010

The Austrailan Open and my tennis thoughts.

Right now I'm watching a tennis match that's taking place in Australia. It's midnight while it's around 4pm there. If I'm going to watch their games, I'm not going to get any real sleep. Oh well. ESPN is doing a good job at these games.

It's winter in New York, while it's summer down under in Australia, in the City of Melbourne. The city looks attractive even without those blue tennis courts.

The Australian Open is one of four "Grand Slam tournaments" the other three being French Open in Paris, France, The Championships in Wimbledon, England, and US Open, in New York City (that's my hometown)

I haven't played tennis in my life, but I used tennis balls like baseballs and I break the apart with my wooden bat.

Hopefully I'll go to Flushing to see something besides the New York Mets.

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