Thursday, January 28, 2010

Softball is great because...

Softball is great because...

1. It is played by 40 million Americans.
2. It is played by both men and women.
3. Mixed genders can play this sport.
4. The game is shorter than Baseball.
5. Women can showcase their talents.
6. It is not considered corny to hit like a girl.
7. It is played by many other nations around the world.
8. It is the most popular sport outsed by the Olympic Games thus far.
9. You don't hear too much drug issues associated with this sport.
10. The game is faster than baseball.

By the way, the Florida Marlins are visiting Iraq, their blog is a great read:


  1. im surprised jennie finch actually replied to your wall post on her page. you are right, softball is a great sport. it is much more fun that baseball imo. unfortunately, Team USA being way too good was a key reason as to why it was eliminated from the olympics. i also do not see much issue about the use of metal bats in softball than baseball, though imo, wooden bats are not any safer than metals. there is always a risk of injury when you play sports.

  2. You have to anticipate original posters replying to comments sometimes. What irks me is that people aren't willing to accept softball is a national sport like baseball.

    Batted balls off metal bats travel faster than the ones off wooden ones, but you are right about risk of injury from sports in general.

  3. wooden bats break off very frequently though, and i think getting hit with a broken piece of wood is much worse than getting hit with a baseball. jennie finch is awesome.

  4. Jennie Finch is great, I'm a big fan of her blog:

    Anyways if she ever did a softball game in NY I'm def coming to see that game!