Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's been awhile since...

1. I attended a New York Mets game, last one coming in 2007.
2. I went to a circus
3. I went to see the Knicks, last one in 2001.
4. I last saw a whole group of high school friends.
5. I last played a basketball game.
6. I played volleyball.
7. I was an assistant head coach in a Volleyball team.
8. I last purchased a baseball cap.
9. I went to other cities.
10. I did go to Philadelphia for a field trip (in over 6 years)
11. I last rode a ferry.
12. I went to an amusement park to ride a cyclone.
13. I caught a foul ball in a baseball game.
14. I played basketball.
15. I played football (not the American one)
16. I went to an airport.
17. I was walking in grass.
18. I last petted a dog.
19. I ate fried crabs.
20. I last attended high school.

These are my 20 top things it's been awhile since doing them. Whatever came to my thoughts I just wrote down.

I didn't get to do the following:
1. Go to a sporting venue outside New York.
2. Go to the West Coast.
3. Touched California, I hope I can do that someday.
4. Ridden an airplane in years!
5. Ridden the subways, other than Boston, Newark, an New York.
6. Drove an automobile yet.
7. Go meet a baseball player in person.
8. Go meet a softball player in person.
9. (If I were still younger) attend a baseball/softball clinic to better my playing skills in those sports.
10. Basketball camp to help me play basketball.

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