Sunday, January 24, 2010

Softball needs more attention than ever...

I enjoy watching baseball. I still think that softball deserves a spotlight once in a while too in the sports section. I hardly hear or read anything about the sport at all. I think it's unfair how this has become such a political issue, the fact that the IOC has decided to cut this sport along with baseball from the Summer Olympic Program. Just thinking about how National Pro Fastpitch isn't being offered any television contracts, wow. MLB players make millions of dollars and have no salary cap while NPF (National Pro Fastpitch)has a salary cap of only $100,000. What is going on here!?

I think it's time for Major League Baseball to step to the plate and give the NPF the economic boost it desperately needs. It is really hard wondering what these women go through, they play their hardest and they don't get enough credit, just like their baseball counterparts. I say that every Major League Baseball team, adopt a sister softball team and have them be part of their organization. Go build high capacity softball parks, or have them share the same field as the baseball teams do. I would love to see professional softball go on at Yankee Stadium, Dodger Stadium, Busch Stadium, Citi Field, Wrigley Field and so on. Put those temporary fences on for softball action.

I believe that if MLB doesn't do anything to help the NPF softball league anytime soon, they won't last forever. If the WNBA can get help from the NBA, why can't NPF be helped in the same manner from MLB?

I say that the NPF salary cap be lifted so these female players earn what they deserve. I just hope that MLB will do something about it.

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  1. I agree!they even took softball out of the Olympics.
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