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What is football?

Football as a sport has two different meanings. I'll go with the most popular one worldwide.
Advoss Soccer Ball Clip Art

1. Football involves kicking and dribbling a rounded ball and kicking it towards an opponents' net to score one goal, which is one point. 11 players are in a team, including the goalkeeper who usually is there to prevent opposing goals from scoring.

The game usually is cut into two halves of 45 minutes each. There is usually extra time if the game is tied after 90 minutes of regulation have passed.

Here is the playing field:

File:Football pitch metric.svg

Rules of football:

The ball is out of bounds if the ball crosses the entire line. The opposing team places the ball back in play either by kicking it, throwing it,

Misconduct in football usually results in a yellow card, and a red card for more serious offenses.

Penalty kicks can occur after a foul is committed allowing the opposing team to easily score a goal with only the goalkeeper blocking the goal line.

Here's another football.

This is known as American FootballRugby Ball Football Clip Art

Like football, American Football has 11 players. This football is somewhat similar to rugby.

Football has several different scoring methods.
A touchdown is worth 6 points. Extra points are 1 (for a extra kick field goal) or 2 (for a extra touchdown)
A field goal is worth 3 points.
A Safety point is worth 2 points, and is done by the defensive team knocking an offensive player down in his own end zone.

The game lasts about 60 minutes and cut into four quarters of 15 minutes each.

Here is the playing field:


This is the player's diagram:
File:American football positions.svg

The Offensive line consists of
1. A Quarterback who receives the ball from the center and hands it off to a running back, or wide receivers.
2. Wide Receivers line up near the sidelines and runs to catch the ball.
3. Running backs line up behind the quarterback, handed the ball and runs forward.
4. The offensive line protects the quarterbacks and enables blocking of the defenders to allow wide receivers or running backs to run.
5. Tight ends can act as wide receivers or offensive blockers.

The Defensive line consists of
1. Three to six linemen to counter the offensive line.
2. Two cornerbacks to counter the wide recievers.
3. Linebackers attempt to disrupt the quarterback's progress.

Special teams are used during kickoffs and punts. Their job is to hand the ball to the opponent on their side of the field as close to their end zone without hitting it (otherwise this is a touchback) The Punter kicks the ball to the opponent after a three-and-out.

The return team, receiving the ball tries to return the ball as far as they can, sometimes for a touchdown.

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