Sunday, January 10, 2010

The new hybrid bus....

The hybrid buses that are roaming around New York City and Toronto are the Orion 7 Hybrid series. A newer version of the buses called the Orion 7 Next Generation series is being shipped to both cities as well.

This is the Orion 7 Next Generation series bus in Toronto, Ontario.

This bus is the Orion 7 Hybrid

There is also the Orion 7 Compress Natural Gas buses.

Picture008-1.jpg picture by Metatops

These buses are still hanging around, the Orion V CNG. There's also the diesel version of this bus.

039.jpg picture by Metatops

You might be asking, why am I into buses. Just like the subways, buses come in different shapes and sizes.

Just last year, I found a Orion 7 NG lying around in the Midwood section of Brooklyn and decided to photograph it.

005.jpg picture by Metatops
006.jpg picture by Metatops
013.jpg picture by Metatops
016.jpg picture by Metatops

In case you are curious as of where this bus is based from it is housed at Flatbush Depot near the Kings Plaza Shopping Center in Brooklyn.

The Orions are replacing the RTS (Rapid Transit Series) buses.

These are the RTS buses that are being replaced.
004.jpg picture by Metatops

Since NYCT and MTA bus company wants to have buses good for the enviornment, they're getting rid of these diesel powered ones and replacing them with hybrids.

I will discuss more about the bus models another time.

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