Monday, January 11, 2010

Winter Olympics 2010

We are about less than a month away from the Winter Olympics in 2012, taking place in Vancouver, Canada. While the Winter Olympics feature ice hockey, figure skating, and sleding, the summer Olympics in London, which is about a couple of years from now will feature basketball, football (no, not the American one) and swimming, while baseball and softball will be left out. Last summer, baseball/softball have been bypassed by the IOC in favor of rugby sevens and golf, which will begin play in 2016.

In fact here are some reasons why baseball/softball may not appear in the Summer Games for awhile.

1. Performance enhancing drugs

2. One nation’s dominance of the sport.

3. A lack of fan support.

4. Major League Baseball’s refusal to sending players overseas to play in the Olympics

5. Developing nations’ lack of knowledge of the game.

6. A theory in that the IOC is dominated by European Leaders disliking baseball.

7. Lacking attention from general Olympic fans. Not too many headlines are made with the sport.

The Winter Olympic Games have these sports coming up…

1. Alpine Skiing

2. Biathlon

3. Bobsled

4. Cross Country-Sking

5. Curling

6. Figure Skating

7. Ice Hockey

8. Luge

9. Short track speed skating

10. Snowboarding

11. Speedskating

There may be more than the ones I just listed.

While this year’s competition may not be as big as that of the Summer games, I believe these are just as fun.

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