Sunday, January 31, 2010

My favorite video game villain.

Bullet Bill is the villain. He has this stare of a madman. He tries to take his enemies down with explosive power. I think Bill is easily provoked into attacking others. Usually if you video game character is standing on the launching pads where Bill will take off from, he won't come out.

Bullet Bill has recently been a helper to characters in last place of the Mario Kart racing games. Thanks a lot, Bill. I'm going to win the race when I should be losing, but I'll be in first place because of your awesome speed.

If only Bullet Bill were a good guy or someone you can rely on instead of him attacking you with his speed, this would be a huge help to Mario. The games would be finished much faster with your character riding his back and smashing all enemies in sight, like sort of that effect you get with a star that makes your video game character invincible.

That is my take on Bullet Bill.

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