Friday, January 29, 2010

What is flaming?

Flaming is interaction between internet users that is hostile, menacing, defaming, and the purpose is to insult, drag, or otherwise bring down fellow internet users. Why does flaming exist? People generally disagree on topics, however people's strong beliefs on certain things may cause that person to act hostile or angry towards another person that disagrees on a certain subject. Many websites and forums have set up rules that disallow flaming and members disobeying the anti-flaming policy have their profiles and or memberships disabled/deleted/banned.

Where does flaming occur?

1. Internet chat rooms.
2. Instant messaging.
3. Social networking sites
4. Blogs
5. News websites.
6. Video game chats
7. Forums
8. E-mail.
9. Video hosting websites.

Basically any site that allows feedback and comments is where flaming occurs.

What can you do about it?
1. If you're angry, and you're online and you're interacting with others, just stay away from your computer or device for now.
2. If you disagree, do it respectfully, no need to be hostile.
3. If others are giving you insults, do not fight back, and do not return messages.
4. Practice self restraint.
5. Report bad posts to administrators and moderators.
6. If any topics or conversations you are engaging in are making you uncomfortable, then tell your chatting friends to switch the subject.

That's all I'll say for now.


  1. great tips,especially #4,something I need to practice!

  2. Totally agree! Thanks for sharing, MT :)