Monday, January 25, 2010

The Spring

Spring is a good season, probably the best time of the year because that's when the weather heats up. Trees with their leaves growing the flowers that grow, the green grass that dominates the landscape. That is what I call a season.

Baseball and softball can begin too, hurray, as well as football (no, not the American one) I wish I were a baseball player or football player. I would like to hit home runs and score some goals too. I can do that for fun, however if I were to do this as a profession, I'd have to be playing a sport in college, or high school and get drafted into the Major Leagues.

Spring is a transition between the frigid cold and the sweltering heat (depending on where you are living) It's also a transition between bundling up and wearing light clothing. Lots of people tend to buy new air conditioners at this time.

You can put away the boots and wear sneakers and sandals instead.

The knit caps can go back to the closet. Baseball caps can be worn more often.

Winter coats, especially the furry ones can stay home, it's t-shirts and shorts for fashion statements.

More people will hang out in the parks and set up picnics.

Spring is just about less than two months away, unless you're living in the Southern Hemisphere of the Earth, then it's autumn for you.

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  1. spring will be the time i change my fashion trend and start wearing women's clothes from top to bottom. i will still wear spring boots until about April, when I will begin wearing flats. winter coats are annoying and i will buy a new one for next winter. i dream of being a baseball player too, but that is not going to happen. softball needs to get more attention. i love watching those ladies on the field. i have the same poster as the profile pic for monica abbott's official fan page btw.