Friday, January 29, 2010

My proposal for improving National Pro Fastpich

These are my thoughts on improving the National Pro Fastpitch league, the only Women's Professional softball league in North America, (at least that's what I know)

1. Every MLB team should adopt a sister softball team and have them play in the NPF.
2. The games should be extended to at least a 100 game schedule.
3. The venues must fit at least 2,000 people.
4. Better promotion to spread out the game of softball.
5. Raise the salary cap or just banish it so women can earn more for their great style of play.
6. Television coverage would be great too. People still have the impression that NCAA softball is the highest level of play.
7. The game is played more frequently in team play than any other sport, both recreational and for competition. This includes schools.

For once America's past time dreams can finally be achieved by women and not just men.

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